Runa Kaiko: Lost in Fenau

Chapter 1

A man regains consciousness, keeping his eyes closed as he assesses what’s going on. Underneath he feels a cold, along with damp cloth, and above he feels chilling breeze, sprinkled with cold drops landing softly on his face. He groggily opened his eyes to dark and snow-laden forest. He tries to sit up, only for a sharp pain to grip his side as he does. He waits to recover as he sits their, looking at the shining white on the trees around him, seeing beside him a wooden bow. It was obviously scratched up, but it was still in decent working condition. On his side he saw a quiver of arrows, a number of around twenty still in it. He sees many others broken, laying around the general area. He tries to think of what led to this situation.

Running. He sees himself running through the forest. It’s slightly warmer out than it is now, but the snow is still falling. Is he running from something? Towards something?
Ugh, I…I can’t recall.

He sees himself drawing his bow in the evening sunset. However, he can’t see what it is he’s drawing it against.
What? What…was it? I…I don’t know.

He grabs the bow beside him and struggles to his feet. He keeps thinking as he hobbles on. Where is this? He thinks to himself. _Where am I? I…_Who am I? He walks over to a small pond, clutching his side. He kneels down beside it and looks at his reflection. He sees grey skin on his face, tinted with a slight bit of light blue, framed by a somewhat-dark green hood with an attached cape flowing down his back. He sees brown leather armor accented with different shades of dark green, with an undershirt of a pale green. On his side is his quiver, and in his bare left hand was his bow, while his right covers his side. “Runa.” He mutters. What is that, my race? Where I’m from?
He sets down his bow and rinses his hands in the pond, rippling the water and obscuring the reflection as a cloud of red emanated from his right hand. Name…I feel like…it’s my name…

Runa struggles back onto his feet, grabs his bow, and slings it across his back. He hobbles on into the wilderness, looking for some civilization.

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Chapter 2

Runa walks through the forest, a reddish pink hue creeping into the sky behind him. He soon sees a wooden house in front of him, and a road at its door. He hobbles over to the door and knocks, starting to feel lightheaded from the blood loss. The door opens, and he doesn’t even get to see who opened it before Runa’s vision began to fade to black. He uttered a single word before everything went dark. “Help…”

As he came to, Runa felt a warmth in the air not previously there. He feels it stronger on his left side as he kept his eyes closed. A…fire.

He opened his eyes, seeing above him a wooden roof, with rafters going along it. He tried to sit up, but once again the pain in his side hindered the motion. He looked down to see the wound bandaged up.

He hears a gasp and looks towards the fire to see a young human woman, seemingly in her early twenties, looking back, holding a plate of food. “Thank goodness you’re awake!” She exclaimed in a soft, sweet voice. “I wasn’t sure how long you were going to be out.”

She sets down the food on the bedside table beside him, before brushing her shining brown hair out of her face, her auburn eyes now more plainly visible. She sat on the bed beside Runa. “Lay back, you need rest. No need to pain yourself by standing.”

Runa does as he was instructed, then looks at the lady. “Where am I?” He asks. “Who are you?”

She chuckles. “I could ask you that last question too.” She says. “But to answer, I am Feru, and this is my family’s cottage, halfway between Nornsow and Icia. Now you answer me; who are you?”

“Runa.” He responds. “I think.” He follows, somewhat muttering. “And these names…they seem unfamiliar.”

Feru looks at him, confused. “You think? You don’t know your own name?” She asks.

“I…I don’t remember.” Runa tells her. “I remember one-maybe two fragments from before I woke up in the woods last night, and that one word. I feel like it’s my name.”

Feru nods, a look of concern in her eyes. “Amnesia.” She says. “Seems to me like you have amnesia. Eventually you should get your memories back, but I’m not sure how long it will take.”

Runa nodded. “I understand.” He looks at the food she brought. “And thanks for the food.”

She smiles. “No problem.” She pauses for a second, leaving a warm silence in the room around them. “Oh!” She says, breaking the silence. “Since you’re awake, you should eat with the family! My dad should be home from his trip to Nuiwar by now, so he’ll be there with us. He’s an apothecary, so he might be able to help with your wound after breakfast. Here, let me help you get down there.” She moves over and helps him sit up, as he winces through it. “Oh, sorry!” She says, as she more gently helps him to his feet, keeping herself there as a crutch for him as he goes down the stairs. Once there, he sees a woman with blonde hair and auburn eyes sitting at the table, along with a man with brown hair walking through the door, before his grey eyes met Runa’s.

“Feru, who is this man?” He asks.

She sits him down at the table, in the fourth chair that’s there. “Dad, this is Runa. He walked up to the door early this morning with this huge wound on his side asking for help. Then he just passed out! We needed to help him.”

The man stares Runa down, then his face brightens as a smile creeps onto his face. “Well, we’d never leave a man to die.” He said warmly. “Get him some food, Fera.”

Feru nodded, then went upstairs to fetch the plate she’d brought up earlier. “So, where are you from, dear?” The lady asks.

“I don’t know.” Runa responds. “I don’t recall much of anything from before this morning.”

“Oh dear.” She says. “William, do you have any potions for that?”

“I have some stuff to help heal his wound faster, but I don’t have anything for the amnesia.” William said. “Unfortunately, only time can sort that out for him.”

Runa nodded. “Thank you for even that, sir.”

“No need for formalities, Runa” William told Runa as Feru put the plate in front of him. “You can just call me William.”

Runa smiled faintly. “Thank you. All of you. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“It’s nothing dear.” The mother says. “Now eat up before your food gets cold.”

During the meal, the family makes small talk with their new guest. At the end, he weakly tries to get up to take care of his plate. “Here, let me get that for you.” Feru tells him. “Dad, can you help him with his wound?” She then asks William.

“No problem.” William replies, getting up to go make what it is he needs to help Runa.

“Thank you.” Runa responds to both William and Feru as they go off, leaving only Runa and the mother in the room.

“No, Runa, thank you.” The mother, who Runa had learned was named Sari, told him. “Since you showed up, Feru’s seemed happier than she has been for a while.”

Runa gave her a confused look. “Why was she so sad.”

Sari sighed. “Well, she wasn’t always an only child, first off. She lost her little brother and sister not even two years ago, and that left her devastated. Especially after her fiance was killed the year prior by bandits.” She sighed. “Runa, I need to ask you a favor, but you can’t let Feru know I asked you this.”

Runa leaned in. “What is it, Sari?”

“Can you stay here with her?” Sari asked. “She needs someone here with her besides her parents. The only reason she’s still here anyways is to make sure we’re okay, I’d like her to have something- someone-here that truly makes her happy.”

Feru walks into the room and sits down next to Runa. “Don’t worry, my dad should be finished soon. It usually doesn’t take long.”

“Okay, thank you.” Runa tells Feru as he sits back. Then, he simply nods to Sari. I promise.

William walks back in with a glowing red potion inside a glass cup. “Here, drink this. The wound won’t disappear completely, but you’ll definitely be much better.”

Runa takes an drinks the potion, and he feels the pain in his side fade dramatically. “Wow, that’s way better.” He says. “Thank you William.”

“No need for thanks. Helping people is just what we do around here.”

Runa smiles.

Despite William saying that no thanks was needed, Runa still felt like he should do something in return for the care he was given. So, he got his bow and quiver and headed out into the wilderness to hunt. As Feru waved him off, he looked back at the quaint log cabin. Home. He thought as he walked away.

He hunted late into the evening, and returned to the building soon after dark, dragging a deer behind him. He closed his eyes as he walked and thought about his new home, and all the events that transpired that day. He could almost feel the warmth of the fireplace as he got closer.


His happy expression turned grim. He could feel the warmth of a flame. He could hear it crackling as well, though it seemed larger and more out of control. He opened his eyes, and his grim expression turned to panic. “Fire!


Chapter 3

Runa ran forward towards the house, only to see it set ablaze, and many people wearing black, all with bandannas over their faces, around it.

Runa’s eyes filled with rage. He dropped his bow and drew and arrow into his right hand upside down. The bandits didn’t even see him coming as he plunged an arrow into one’s neck. The others were startled by this and turned tail, running towards the west. Runa starts after him, then the blood-lust in his eyes is replaced once more by flame. He turns to the burning house. He puts his cape in front of his face, blocking the smoke from his breath the best he can. He runs into the blaze, looking for those who’d helped him heal; for his family. He looked at the blazing table, and saw two unconscious bodies beside it on the floor. Quickly, he picked Sari up on his shoulder and ran her out, placing her far away from the inferno, before going back in and dragging out William. Then he goes back in and goes towards the stairs, only one word in his mind. Feru.

He saw her at the base of the stairs, barely breathing. He picks her up and runs outside as quick as he can, going to set her down beside her parents. However, she reaches up and puts her hand on his cheek. “Runa…” She says weakly, almost unable to be heard over the fire. However, her voice was the only thing Runa cared to pay attention to at the moment. “Thank you…”

Runa was barely keeping calm, almost tearing up. “It’s no problem. Saving you guys is the least I could do.”

“No…” She says, chuckling weakly.“Thank you…for giving me something to live…for.” She smiles. “Before you…showed up, I…was lonely. It was just myself…and my parents. I lost…my will to live…and only kept going for…them.” She looks over to her parents, then back at Runa. Her auburn eyes were pale, but still full of the care they’ve always had. “Runa…I…” She coughs, her pain prevalent. “Love…you-” The last word trails off in as a breath, and her eyes go from their loving look to lacking emotion within seconds, her hand dropping from Runa’s face and going limp.

At this point, Runa sets her down, tears streaming from his eyes as he does all he can do not to break down completely. He hears another faint voice nearby. “Runa…come here boy.” Runa looks over to see William looking at him.“Inside, by the door…” He wheezes. “…there…are two swords. I want you…” He lets out a strangled cough. “To have them.”

“But-” Runa started, before being cut off.

“Consider it my dying wish.” He lets out a pained laugh. “Goodbye.” He smiles, and closes his eyes.

Runa nods, holding back his emotions for now. He covers his face once again and goes inside the house, turning to the side and going in a side room. He sees the shortswords and grabs them, sheathes and all, slinging them over his shoulder. Then, he sees a shovel. Quickly, he grabs it, getting out of the house with all the things he grabbed, minutes before it collapsed in on itself, leaving only a smoldering pile.

Runa looked on at the three patches of freshly loosened and packed down earth, at the foot of them was lain a large rock. Runa looks over at the remains of the house, the fire having burnt itself out and the charred wood having been cooled by the crisp snowy air. He picked up a shard of charred wood farthest from where the flame finally petered out, and used it to write on the rock.

Runa got up and strapped the sword sheathes to his hips, migrating his quiver to his back, underneath his cape. He knelt once more by the middle grave, putting his hand down on the freshly lain dirt. Tears fall from his face, glistening as they fall to the packed earth, soaking underneath it. He gets up and goes over to his bow, picking it up, before heading west down the road, the same path the bandits took.

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Chapter 4

Runa walks farther westwards, the rising sun shining warm rays of shine through the fabric of his clothes, contrasting the cold of the air. His breath turned to mist in the air as the snow crunched against the rocky dirt road underneath. He sees a town in the distance, and slows down slightly, scanning the town as he approaches, looking for any potential problems before he enters. At first he sees nothing off, which makes him put down his guard some, until he walks past the first few houses in the town.

“The family payed their debt now, sir.” Runa hears a voice say. He immediately tenses up and hides behind a nearby building, eavesdropping on the conversation. “Unfortunately though, Joseph was killed by some random Earth Genasi who happened to show up. Stabbed in the neck with an arrow, not even shot. We’d already finished our business there, so we just hightailed it out of there before he got the rest of us.”

The other person sighs. “He must have known the family somehow.” They said.“So he needs to be…taken care of as they were. Maybe he’d be more useful then they were though…” He contemplates. “So do as you will.” He lowers his voice, and Runa strains his ears to hear. “Kill him, capture and sell him, I honestly don’t care, just make sure he keeps his mouth shut about what we did. We’re in good standings here, and I’d like to keep it that way.” He growls, making perfectly clear the message he wanted to get across.

Runa was almost boiling over with hate, doing everything in his power not to burst in and assail them right then and there. Why when I get my hands on them, I’m gonna-

His thought process was interrupted by a local. “Hello, new in town?”

Runa starts, jumping into a defensive stance, before taking a deep breath and trying to appear more relaxed. “Yeah.”

“You seem kinda tense. What’s up?”

Runa thinks up a quick excuse. “Uh, well, I’m not very used to being around so many people.” He says, smiling. “I’m still trying to adjust.”

The person smiles. “Oh, okay. I could introduce you to the town’s volunteer guard! Their leader’s a great guy!.”

Runa shakes his head. “No, that’s all right. I’ll manage.” He says, before an inquisitive idea forms in his mind. “Say, how did this ‘volunteer guard’ come to be? I’m interested.”

“Oh, the leader showed up one day with a few of his group there, then they said ‘hey, we’re here to help protect you!’ and we were like ‘okay.’ Then they kept coming and going, probably to help other towns around here. Actually, I think that’s where they keep getting the new recruits they bring in, besides the few from here that they have.”

Runa nods. “Ah, okay, thanks.” He said, before he looked back to see a few of the ‘volunteer guard’ approaching. “Hey, I gotta go. Have a nice day.” He said before he started walking away. However, in his attempted escape, he was noticed by a few bandits.

“Hey, you seem unfamiliar. Pull down your hood, I want a better look at your face.” The bandit said to Runa.

Runa slowly put his hands up and grabbed his hood, slowly pulling it back with one while the other slid over to his bow handle. Quickly as the hood dropped, he drew his bow and an arrow, knocking it and pulling it back on the string.

“He’s that Genasi! Atta-” Was all the bandit could say before an arrow was lodged into his head, dropping him dead. However, it was already too late, and a slew of other bandits rushed towards him, swords in hand.

Runa knocked another arrow and loosed it into a bandit’s chest, while another came down at him with his sword. Runa saw it out of the corner of his eye and jumped to the side, drawing his own sword into his right hand, before placing the bow on his back and drawing his other sword. He blocked a side-swing from the same bandit before stabbing into her stomach, and dropping her to the ground, turning to face more. He runs at the two nearest, stabbing into each. The one was hit in the chest, killing him quickly, while the other was his in the arm as she pulled away, only losing that arm’s use. He quickly feels a pain in his side, the same one that was already wounded, and he drops. He turns around and sees one of the bandits approaching, with a crossbow in one hand and a sword in the other. “Nighty-night, dirt-man.” He tells Runa as he hits him in the head with the broad side of his blade, knocking him unconscious.


Chapter 5

Runa was jostled awake by the sounds of squeaky axles and of wheels crashing against a dirt road. He kept his eyes closed, listening.

“Sun’s setting, we should rest.” He hears a male voice say.

“We have a schedule we need to keep, we can’t afford to stop.” A feminine voice replies.

Runa opened his eyes and sat up from the wooden floor of his cage. Yes, he was in a cage cart, like the ones used to transport rowdy animals. He sees a warmer climate place than the snowy ground from before, grass at the sides of the road before trees engulf the land.

“Oh, the dirt-man’s awake.” The man sneers. “Finally.”

Runa glared at him before looking around. “Where are we? Who are you?”

“On a south-sending road, and none of your business.” The man said, his voice still very condescending.

Runa grunted. “Fine. Do you have anything I can do until we reach a destination? I’m bored.”

“Talk with the others.” He says. “Because I’m getting annoyed by you right now.”

Runa looked behind him to see an unconscious creature, like a human with horns. He sits, waiting for him to awake.

Runa stares at the ceiling, bored, until the one beside him awoke. He saw this and sat up. “Ah, you’re awake.”

The man nods.

“What’s your name?” Runa asks.

“Fobend.” He replies.

Runa nods, leaving a silence for a bit. He then asks another question. “Why did they come after you?”

Fobend stays silent for a bit, leading Runa to believe talking to him was a lost cause, until he talked again. “I fought back. You?”

Runa looked up at him. “I was a witness.”

Fobend nodded.

Runa shuffled over to the side of his cage nearest Fobend. “I’m getting out of here once we reach our destination. I’m going to need help. You with me?”

Fobend simply nodded.

Runa smiled back.

“Okay, invalids. Shut up or you’re dead.”

Runa looks ahead, seeing a massive wall towering in front of them, before his cage is covered in a cloth, blocking his view.

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Chapter 6

Runa looked around at the off-white sheet blocking him from the outside, and he finds a hole facing towards the side of the cart. He looks out it to see them passing through the gate in the large wall. He hears the voices of the bandits and that of a new person, who he can see is a guard.

“I’m going to need to see your permits for transport, and I’ll need to inspect your cargo here.” The guard says to them.

“Yes sir, here are our permits.” The lady says slyly, handing him a decent sized tan sack, jingling and clanging heard within it.

The guard raised an eyebrow. “Madam…” He started, as if he were appalled by the sight. “I’m going to need a bit more for this size load.”

“Excuse me? Last time we had this many and it was this price!” The woman said in quiet agitation.

“Yeah, and last time I was almost caught. I need more.” The guard grumbled.

The man sighs, handing over another, smaller bag. “Here. Now can we go?”

The guard looks over the bag and smirks. “It seems your permits are good, and the cargo’s looking fine. Have a nice day.”

The cart starts to move again, going into the highly dense city. He sees many people going about the streets, before the cart stops and people walk up from some alley or something of the sorts; it was hard to tell from this angle. He feels his cage get picked up and carried over into wherever it was the people came out of.

Runa feels the cage slam against the ground below, set down carelessly after the ten-to-fifteen minute travel, partly in a downward direction. “Hey! Careful with those!” The lady from before says, before the sheets are ripped from Runa and Fobend’s cages. The people who carried them go back out of the room, and the sound of feet of wooden steps echoed back into the room.

Runa saw the table onto which his weapons were set and turned to Fobend. “Okay, we need to get out of here.” Runa whispered, “Any ideas?”

Fobend takes a deep breath, then nods. He brings his hands to his sides, palms facing out, then brings them to in front of him quickly, turning them back out before they connect. Once they extended the whole way, a forcible power blasts out of them, blasting out the front of his cage, and the side of Runa’s closest to his cage. “Hurry, get your stuff and let’s go.” He told Runa, rushing out to the table.

Runa quickly followed suit, reequipping his armaments, while he sees Fobend grab two chains with blades at the ends. Quickly, he rushes over to the stairs, where he hears footsteps coming down. He hides under them as Fobend hides beside him. The men go down the steps and rush into the room, weapons at the ready. “They escaped, find them!” One said.

Runa rushes up and shuts the door, locking it. “Run!” He yell-whispers, climbing up the stairs quickly. Fobend follows right behind, rushing along with him.

He finds himself in the main room of a house, and soon finds the door to the outside. He goes out and finds himself in what seems to be a back-alley like yard, surrounded by the backs of other houses, except in one spot where it opened to the road. Runa starts that way, but sees people dressed like the bandit-guards standing by the cart they were brought in on.

Wordlessly, Fobend taps Runa’s shoulder to get him to turn around, where he’d thrown one of his chain weapons to where it stuck into the wall of one of the houses, and pointed to it.

Runa nods and starts climbing. By time he reaches the top, he sees Fobend starting up, and more of the bandit-guards coming out of the house they had emerged from. He draws his bow and knocks an arrow, loosing it into the neck of one of their pursuers while Fobend climbed. He did this once more before Fobend had made it up. With that, they ran from rooftop to rooftop of these densely packed buildings, staying on the slanted sides farthest from streets, Fobend leading, almost as if he knew the layout well. Soon, he dropped down into a back-alley, in which was an entrance to the underground water-tunnel system below the city. He went into the tunnel slightly and sat. Runa sat across from his and let down his hood, revealing his dark brown, almost black hair. “So,” Runa starts. “What is this place?”

“It’s one of the entrances to the city’s water tunnels.” Fobend told him.

“Cool, but I meant the city.” Runa said to Fobend in response.

“Oh. This is Nuiwar, the City of Trade. Biggest trade-hub in the Western Kingdom. They deal in many trades, all while getting fat of the taxation of the sales and imports.”

“Seems it attracts some darker business, too.” Runa said. “At the very least slavery, probably some other unsavory things as well.”

There was a pause, leaving an awkward silence hanging in the cool air around them. “There are.” Fobend responded finally. “Illegal substances, dark arts and magics, hit-men, the like.”

Runa sighed. “Doesn’t surprise me. I don’t remember much about myself, but from what I can, I remember hating big cities. Can’t recall why, just that I do.”

“Right.” Fobend says. He glances out at the sky. “Rest up. There’ll be less heat on us in the morning.”

Runa nods and finds a comfortable spot to sleep, or at least as comfortable as the stone floor of a water tunnel can be, and used his cape as makeshift bedding as he closed his eyes to sleep.


I think it’s a little too saturated with detail, which makes it drag a bit, but other than that, it’s pretty good.

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Chapter 7

Runa awoke to being shook. “Hey, we need to start moving.” He hears as he opens his eyes to see Fobend. He gets up quickly and starts to head out the tunnel, but Fobend stops him. “No. We’ll be travelling underneath the city. Less likely to be spotted that way.”

Runa nods. “Alright.” He says before turning to go the other way, letting Fobend take the lead.

Eventually they come across a fork in the path. Fobend hesitates. He hears footsteps coming from them, but he’s not sure which one. “That’s not good.” He says.

Runa draws his bow and knocks an arrow, backing against the wall in between the tunnel he went into and the one to the right. Fobend readies his chains for fighting at the convergence of the paths.

The footsteps grow louder, until it’s apparent they’re coming from the right tunnel.

Runa spun around the wall as he drew back his string, seeing two figures approaching. He readies to fire, when he sees something and lowers his bow. “They’re unarmed.” He says to Fobend.

Fobend looks closer and nods, lowering his guard when he sees two other people behind them. “But they are!”

Runa aimed quickly and fired on the back left one, but the arrow glanced off his head, merely stunning him. “Run!” Runa yells to the two being chased, who soon reached Runa and Fobend as they turned and went down the left corridor, following suit.

Runa watches behind them as they ran, and he saw an arrow fly for them. He ducked, and fell backwards as it flew above him and passed by the rest. Runa scrambled back to his feet and fired another arrow behind them, hitting one of their pursuers in the shoulder, slowing their advance.

They then came across another opening to the sunlight. Fobend ducked behind it as the others followed, until Runa came out and saw them on the land above the opening they just came out of, hopping up with them. When the pursuers came out, the four jumped onto them, pinning them to the ground. Only then did Runa realize that these were guards.

“Why were you chasing these two?” Fobend asked, breaking Runa from his thoughts.

“We won’t tell you.” One replied.

Fobend went in front of them and kneeled down to their level, looking them dead in the eye with a cold stare, his demonic features now much more striking, at least to Runa as he looked on from on top of one of the guards.

“Fine!” One whimpered in a scared tone. “We were hired by some masked guy to find them! Please don’t hurt us, demon!”

The other sighed. “Idiot…”

Runa sighed. “Where is he?”

“We’ll never tell.” The second guard says, saying it more to the other guard than to the people holding him captive.

“Oh, we’ll make you-” Is all one of the people being chased could say before he saw more guards over top of the group. “Well that’s a problem.”

Sorry it took so long for so little, a mix of writer’s block and little time.


Chapter 8

Runa heard a loud bang after Fobend raised up his hand, almost visible waves of force coming off of it and hitting the guards, throwing them slightly back and disorienting them. He covered his ears as he ran off, hoping that his newfound allies were behind him. He ran out of the divot in the ground, running up to the back alley it led to and turning the corner into another alley, where he soon saw Fobend and the other two people follow him in. Fobend threw one of his chains up as it dug into the building, and then got his three allies to climb, before following suit himself.

Runa saw an arrow flash by his head he got up, before turning around to see the guards behind them, a few farther away getting a ladder. Runa drew his bow as the others ran ahead, knocking an arrow as he followed them. They jumped from rooftop to rooftop, volleys of arrows flying near them. One of the people Runa and Fobend were helping got hit in the shoulder, making him stagger for just a moment, before returning to his run. Runa drew back his string as he turned, firing, and not staying backwards to see if it hit, after seeing a small group of guards behind them, and seeing out of the corner of his eye the rest following on the ground.

Runa ducked as an arrow flew over his head, and as a result fell in between two buildings, plummeting into the alleyway. He saw the guards on the roof jump over the gap and chase his friends, while a small subsection of the group on the ground went into the alley he just fell into. He quickly got up and put away his bow, drawing his swords. He backed away from the guards quickly, ready to strike if they got too close. He soon saw the alley flow out into the street, and ran that direction, sheathing his blades as he ran out into the crowd, the guards following behind, yet losing him in the large mass of people.

Once he got out the other side, he looked to the roofs across the street, and quickly followed alongside them on his side of the street best he could. He’d eventually be greeted by the giant wall that surrounded the city, and he saw the group on top of it, recuperating. It seems they’d lost the guards.

Fobend sees him and hops down onto a nearby building, putting down his chain so Runa could climb it. Runa did so, soon following up to the top of the wall in a few increments of throwing the chain. Once he reached the top, he sat, noticing he was on the south side of the city.

“We’ll get caught if we stay here long.” Fobend said.

Runa nodded. “Then let’s head south, it seems like the best chance right now.”

Fobend stays silent as the other two look at him. “We’re staying here. You go.” He eventually says. “Maybe someday we’ll see you again, but someone needs to fight this place. We’re going to get together the force to do it.”

Runa, after a pause, nods. “Alright. We’ll meet again, friends.” He says, before sliding down the side of the wall to the outside, slowing his decent by finding impromptu handholds on his way down to a safe jumping distance. From there, he jumped down and started off south. After a quick glance back at the City of Trade, he turned his head southwards once more, heading off.


Chapter 9

I shouldn’t have left them. Runa thinks, having gone a half-day’s travel from the walled city. For all I know they could have been captured by now. I should go back.

The pounding of hooves on trodden dirt could be heard behind him. Quickly, he looked around for a place to hide. He dove into a nearby bush, hoping the horse’s rider wouldn’t notice the freshly disturbed shrubbery. In a few minutes, he saw two horses and riders pass by, slowing to a stop. “This is a good spot for a rest.” One of the riders said. “We’ll need one if we’re searching through the night as well.”

Runa listened on with dread. I need to get around them. He thought as he looked at the trees behind him, outlined by the setting sun. Maybe I can go through the forest. Slowly, he crept further into the woods, sneaking away from his pursuers setting up camp.

As he snuck through the forest, trying his best to stay heading directly south, he heard rustling leaves behind him, followed by a low growl. He whipped around, drawing a sword, only to see the front half of a wolf. Slowly, the wolf crept out of the bushes, as Runa stayed in his defensive stance, waiting where he was. While he stood there, he noticed that the approaching wolf had a limp. He lowered his sword slightly. “Hey.” He whispered. “Are you hurt?”

The wolf only growled back at him, and snapped at him as Runa tried to approach. Runa thought for a second. He looked around for any food. He soon saw a rabbit nearby and drew his bow, knocking an arrow. He loosed it at the rabbit, hitting it in the head. He then approached it and picked it up, retrieving the arrow and rabbit, giving the newly obtained meal to the wolf. The wolf growled, then sniffed the rabbit, slowly taking a bite, before starting to rip at the flesh of the rabbit.

Runa tried to use this opportunity to get closer to the wolf, but once again it growled as he did so, raising its head and baring its teeth. Runa backed off and waited for the animal.

Runa stayed with the wolf until it fell asleep, then started to slowly approach it, trying to look at its wound. He saw bite marks and matted blood on its back leg, along with a trail of blood. He looked around in his bag and found a spare rag, using it to wrap up the wound after washing it with a bit of his drinking water. This woke the beast as it turned, trying to bite Runa, who jumped back just in time to not have his flesh ripped up by wolf teeth. He considered whether he should kill the wolf to save himself, or if he should try more to help it. He decided, after it fell back asleep, that he’d help more. As he saw the moon rise higher, he decided to take his chances with sleep as he curled up a few meters from the wolf, laying there as he retired to the depths of rest.

I was hoping that I’d have more time and energy to write during the summer, but I guess I haven’t. But don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned this, chapters may just be a bit less frequent, but hopefully not as spread out as this and the last one were.

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Chapter 10

Runa awoke to the sun shining in his face. He looked up to see the wolf still asleep, and makes his way over towards it. He took out some of his own food and put it in front of the wolf, who was woken up by the smell. As the wolf started eating, Runa unwrapped the leg and started tending to the wound.

The beast whipped around and tried to bite Runa, who jumped back just enough to save himself from a wound. He gently and slowly approached the creature with his hand out, hoping to show the wolf that he meant no harm. The wolf crept up to sniff his hand.

As if something clicked inside the wolf’s head, he licked Runa’s hand. He chuckled. “Well, glad that risk payed off.” He said quietly, smiling. After that was said, the wolf returned to eating, and let Runa finish tending to the wound.

After Runa was done, he crept back out to the road. Seeing no one there, he returned to it and continued his travelling there instead of through the brush. Behind him he heard a sharp rustling, and turned around, retrieving his bow from his back and knocking an arrow.

What he saw, however, wasn’t a pursuer, but the wolf he had helped in the forest. He relaxed, putting away his weapons and walking towards it. He pets its head. “You didn’t need to follow me.” He says, staying silent for a moment after. “But if you’re gonna, you’ll need a name.” He stops petting and goes back to walking, the wolf following at his side. “What about…Atai?”

The wolf gave no response.

Runa smiled. “Atai it is then.” He said, continuing down the southward path, a new companion at his side.

You know what I said last time? Well, it seems I was wrong about them not being as spread out. However, this is still not abandoned, so expect more in the future.

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