Rusk: Wielder of the Dunes

Motto: "The sands of time; they are an active bunch!"

Rusk is one of the few sand people nice enough to become social adept amongst other wielders. Because of this, he quickly became the leader of his squad, known as the Knuckle Dusters. They travel around the barren wastes of the desert region and ward off any caravans of thieves and pillagers.

Rusk is the leader of the Knuckle Dusters Garrison: As such, his logo is

For an explanation for the Archwielder Program: Follow the link!


It uses the zesk mask! I haven't seen many mocs that can pull that off, this does it very nicely.

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Great use of the Vorox feet, they create a nice shape on his back. Good job overall!

You have talent my friend! Beautiful MOC; I love the color scheme, the weapons, and the backstory!

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Thanks! more to come!

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Underated moc. This thing looks really cool, and that frill is really well done.
Good work m8

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Amazing MOC my friend, great use of parts, great color scheme.
Here's my GIF to you.

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sick moc

Waist is a little thin, other than that....perfect

Perfect cept the long and thin torso.

This is amazing!