RWBY OC 1: Lezovick Skr

don't be confused by the Bionicle set Lezovikk, Lezovick (Lez-a-vick) Skr was orinally in my Mythron story but I changed him to be my RWBY OC its hard to explain, yes red and blue pins and pegs everywhere but he's the leader of my own RWBY team called Team L.I.N.K, i'll show the other 3 too, but here he is:


Way too many bits and greebles here.

I kinda like that about him

I agree with @SwagMeister. It's really cluttered in both build and colors. I can't really see what's going on anywhere.

Also, this goes in the LEGO Creations topic, not the general Creative Content topic.

This guy looks very... um... not human, so I don't really see how that works. (Unless you just wanted to make a Bionicle team taking inspiration from the show.) Either way, I am confused about this guy's nomenclature.

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I had to work round that white wide paw piece

Greebles are pretty, but they can work against you. If strewn randomly over a moc, they create a confusing aesthetic. A skilled moccist is one who knows how to create patterns and textures with them.

This is amazing!

I love the custom head, and I think that that makes the red and blue pins work, but it would benefit from the removal of silver.