[RWBY] Pyrrha fan club

Most (by that I mean all) the “fan clubs” for RWBY characters posted on here have been exclusively for members of team RWBY.

I have come to fix that situation! Pyrrha Nikos is one of my favorite characters. She deserves a topic!


John or however you spell it needs a fan club because he’s too cool for Beacon

Finally, somene from Team JNPR.
Also, @squeaverking, his name is spelled Jaune. (Just thought you’d like to know, 'cos others might tear you to shreds for that error.)


Thank god, go back to sleep with Mata Nui John-117. Now I know how to spell it

Pyrrha’s close to becoming my waifu.

Just sayin’

You should start one! Jaune is cool.

Please clear this up for me, what the Karzahni is a “waifu”?

It’s something like your anime wife or something.

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Oh, well thank you.

Pyrrha’s just grand.

Which kinda sucks because I’m almost 100% certain she’s going to be the first main character casualty.



Nooooo! Hopefully not!

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Why is everyone thinking she’ll die? :confused:
If she dies, it’ll just be weird without Pyrrha, replacement or not.

She is very much grand tho :smiley:

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I don’t know. Also, wtf is up with all these pictures of Ruby with an eyepatch and Weiss with a scar?

Mesonak has psychic powers confirmed?

Pyrrha is one of my favorite characters in RWBY. Shame she took an arrow to the knee.


It’s a Metal Gear reference, BTW.

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I guess you could say this fan club

turned to ashes

I’m so sorry, Pyrrha was one of my favorite characters


I used to be a Huntress like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


Oh man, this is… ironic? No, that’s not right… um… sad? Erm… maybe not…
Anyways, I just find this funny (in a morbid fashion) in retrospect.


Well you were off by two, but I’ll still give you this one.

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She was my favorite character in Volume one…

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