RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

“Nope you two have passed.” She checks the robot .

OOC: Is the teacher actually standing there with them? I got the impression her voice was just coming from the robot again.

IC: “Yippee,” Laurel says, notably lacking the enthusiasm the word should normally convey.

OOC: No she is with them, I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

IC: “Hmm, it doesn’t seem to have any scratches, but…” She sniffs the robot, “it has a funky smell to it.”

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“Might it have something to do with crashing, being in a forest, or being inside a Grimm?” Laurel asks innocently.

“Hmm, I would be, being inside of a Grimm, but this is great for research!” She exclaimed

Terin sat in his seat, watching the screen and trying to imagine what is going on out there.

Laurel shrugs. “What now?”

At least we didn’t get hit by deathpacito. Discord shrugs “Chill and wait.”

“You two can go and sit with the others who have completed the test, down there.” She pointed down the hall.

There were a group of five dots together.

He wondered what that meant aside from five signals being that close to each other.

“What is it?” Kuro asked.

“There are five signals in close proximity to each other; could be entrants working together or robots that got put there.” He says.

Kuro looks closely, “I think that’s us?”

Terin decides to test that theory and walks around.

One of the five dots move around ever so slightly.

“Yup,” Terin said, “you’re right. Who do you think the other 2 are?” He asked.

One of the other dots (presumably) moves closer. “Hello again,” Laurel says.

Discord nudges her “No need to talk.”

Mokuzai scours the forest by himself Well this is unfortunate

Oh, right, sorry. Laurel rolls her eyes.

Discord sighs and squints at her. She should know what I meant. Ms. Big Brain and all