Ryobix V5 [2017]

Ryobix is a loyal warrior and guard to his master, Valior. Being mostly robotic, the only living tissue is overgrown. Thus creating spikes and his hunched, slender shape. He runs the main AI controlling system for the TRS models. Mostly to keep the system updated, clean, and virus/Trojan/malware free. Ryobix uses his holographic screens and pre-recordings to speak; even though he can speak himself. Ryobix himself is a very advanced robotic system, years ahead of our technology today. Skilled in the ways of defense and doesn’t ever flinch.

I decided to upload it early, since the year is almost over anyway.

Front view [with tentacles and droid.]

Back view [without tentacles.]

Ryobix holding his bird-like droid [RAU-01] and wearing his tie.

His hex shields/blades.

Did a black light test with Ryobix holding his shields [no tie or tentacles.] Turns out translucent red glows under the fluorescent lamp. But very dimly.

Ryobix wearing his tie again. Trying his best to be dapper.

Kitty wanted to help.

Critiques and comments welcome.


Double-jointed legs get me every time.


Really awesome MOC. Really enjoy how it looks.

Maybe if I stand perfectly still and not move a muscle…it won’t bother me

Rad moc BTW! :thumbsup:


Very. VERY cool MOC man. I love the torso and the Legs man. The head has been used a million time but it looks good here.



But anyway, looks interesting


This is a really cool MoC! I really love the tentacles and the red blades!

This. This is great.
The colors are consistent, the accessories are nice, and it’s overall great.
No problems. (IMO)

The new form of Doctor Octopus.

Its a bit cluttered but its very good, I very much like the way the upper arms are made too.

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Looks great, so do you update him every year?

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Yeah. Kind of a “new year new look” deal.

The color scheme is :ok_hand:.
Looks really good! The only thing I can really think of as far as constructive criticism goes is that the head’s a bit far back.

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Maaan.This is stunnig ! I love it ! I always wanted to make moc like this.Im in love with this hands ! I was heavily inspired by Soundwave from TFP ´but i wasnt able to build them haha :smiley: This is 11/10 for me ! :slight_smile:

If a moc has the trans-red shield, I’m sold. They could be stuck in a pile of dirt and I’d still give it a 10/10.

That being said, 10/10.

Wat a wovely Chicken I mean mac, mic, mec, muc, MOC. There we go, what a movely moc.

I like it, specially the decal work(black tape?) its fairly cohesive, althought I feel the chest when not using its tie feels a bit clustered, also did I mentioned I like the tie, because its classy.

Such an awesome MOC. The color scheme is great, and the body design is very unique. If only Lego would release sets like this.

Dude this is a sweet moc.