Ryous - The Rogue bandit


Continuing his search for Serethus, Kardymis found himself in another ruined village in the middle of the desert. He must have come a long way by now, for Hafynx's village was not in sight. He had still found no trace of the Duskbringer, but he still had hope. Suddenly out of nowhere, a shard of metal flew past him, embedding itself into the stone wall behind him. A group of bandits emerged from the old buildings with savage weapons. Kardymis had never seen anything like it. His only option was to fight... They charged at him, weapons ready, and Kardymis knew that the odds were in their favor. Or were they... His blade began to heat up until it was glowing red. He slashed in a crescent, putting three of the bandits down. He fought the rest of them valiantly, taking them down one after the other. The leader of the bandits, Ryous, saw that Kardymis could be helpful to him, and so he turned on his allies. They defeated every last one of them. Ryous told Kardymis that there were more, and that they should get to somewhere safe. Kardymis was able to get a better look at Ryous when they were in safety. He was very slim, and had thin arms with a mix of parts throughout his body. He was covered in many chains, and little armor, with tattered cloth hanging form his waist. Ryous told Kardymis that he and his allies were prisoners in the war, which was why they survived. "After it was over, we had to defend ourselves from whatever came our way, and we had to take every last piece of armor that we could find", he said. "But me and you, we're alike in some ways, And we will hunt the Duskbringer".

The MOC:
Ryous is the third of the "old" MOCs that I am bringing up to date, and I wanted to do something special. Many people don't like a break in colour schemes, but I think that it adds to a MOC. His arms ARE supposed to be very thin. (read the story...)

With the focus on the gun above, and on his face below...

The most unlikely allies...

Tell me what you think...


Neat, looks kinda salvaged, and that is cool I guess. Maybe try to convey it a bit more?

It is supposed to be salvaged, but it's conveyed enough for me

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Nice. Has a very scrappy, scavenger look. Kinda like the old west.


gr8 8/8

This guy looks really cool! And I love that Raptor Claw-looking weapon. Good job! :smile:

To me he really looks like a Destiny character. :stuck_out_tongue: cool MOC!

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That's exactly what I was going for!

I just noticed how he uses my foot design
Slightly modified but whatever

It's a little different but I give you the credit for the inspiration...

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