Ryous v2

I've got to say that I never saw this one coming... This is pretty much a full re-build. Not trying to boast but Ryous was good before, and now I think he is currently my favorite MOC.

Hope you like it...


I admit, he looks slick

There isn't any way to make his helmet/mask a more neutral color and replace the orange on his left thigh with white, is there?

Or at the very least the thigh armor, the helmet being one color is okay. Just want to see the dual coloration fully fleshed out.

I could change the thigh armor, but in the original version, the white was only on his left arm, so putting some on the torso is already a stretch...

Thanks @JMP

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why the green tube? you could have used any other color and it wouldn't have clashed as drastically, even blue would have at least matched his weapons.

otherwise, the moc looks pretty nice, the thighs are a bit strange, but the asymmetrical colors look nice.

The green tube is to make him look... organic? Like (as disgusting as it sounds, if you had no skin on your abdomen you would see muscles and veins. It's like that... Veins full of green ooze.

I like the guns, he's cool, like a cowboy...

The lower arms look a bit stick like. other than that it's a really good moc.