SA-R Military Combat Unit | Sarah

Sarah is the second of these I’ve made. I actually made her a day after I made Sadie, but haven’t gotten around to posting her until now.
If you haven’t seen Sadie, check her out.


Sarah was built after SA-D escaped. She was built to be stronger than her in every way, and Sarah also had AI implemented into her. Replicating the situations that caused SA-D to become intelligent proved difficult, and as such SA-R is very unstable, and kinda crazy.

And here’s some cool fight poses with Sadie.

Welp, there goes Sarah’s brain. RIP.

So, thoughts on the MOC? Do you like it? Dislike it? Hate it? Lemme know!


I really like this, only thing I can complain about is the torso looks a little massy but I don’t know how you’d fix that.
Keep up the great work though

I’m confused, did you mean messy or does it look like it has too much mass? :laughing:

I like the shoulder cannon design.

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So… She’s dead?

It’s a shame, her neck never reached it’s full potential…


These are really cool! I can see these being Pacif Rim type mechs where the head is the cockpit.

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ok, the red, silver, gunmetal, grey, black, teal, Med. blue visor and the blue seems kinda messy.

And i say “blue” and not “blue pins” because of the liftarms at the shouldr.

also, the neck is still spindly as hell.

Well, if you’ll notice, those are only present in one of the pictures. I took that picture before I finished the MOC.

I guess I can see how that would be a lot of colours, but most of them are just shades of grey so I don’t see it as a problem, but thanks.