Sa Reylon the Salesman

People here don't like robo booty so here's Sa Reylon, a salesman on the island of Muaka Nui

A skinny little salesman of muaka nui, the only thing he really cares about is getting his hands on more studs. Though he acts though he's not a fighter, It's surprising how easily someone could make him hand over his inventory.

The reason widgets aren't the currency is because they seem a little dull. I was inspired to make t his moc after obtaining a large amount of gold and silver studs from a lego shop, I thought why not build a kinda sleazy cowardly salesman character for my mocs to interact with. Since all my mocs so far have been fighters no matter what size or shape they take I felt like making a weak skinny looking guy to contrast with everyone else who has some kind of weapon or armor to them.


Now we need a Monopoly game starring Sa Reylon


my favorite part of this moc is the custom build for his head, which compliments the custom build for the arms. :smiley:

I need to build a mini monopoly board now

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He seems like such a cooky character :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd say he's got a deep voice with a stereotypical cockney accent and yeah he is quite a cocky guy

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Wow. I've never seen a Moc like that. (I mean that in a good way.)

I love this thing.

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This is amazing. I love it. Great job! :smile:

Why does it remind me of @Political_Slime...

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I like his gear motif, very steam-punky.

He's simplistic, so really, I can't complain much! Great job!

This is a very nice use of gears!

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I can't figure out what it is about him, his simplistic yet fitting design, the little cigar, the fact he actually looks like he would cheat you out of whatever he could if you didn't know what you were getting, I just love him.

I might take some inspiration from this for a character I'm working on, if permitted. Also, I just love the use of that head piece, I think of an exposed mechanical brain when I look at how it stands out.

I'm not the most experienced MOCer, but I think this is a cool an fun MOC with plenty of personality in his look and build.

I don't really know why, but this is an amazing looking MOC!

inb4 billy bonkle mays

Actually it's quite nice, love his head