Sa.Viena is a parasitic robot that has been locked away in an underground Laboratory. The soul purpose of the creation of Sa.Viena was to find a better type of technology for the rest of the world. Things began to go wrong after scientists began to disappear. Eventually the scientists that were left learned that Sa.Viena has been using their bodies to create a body for herself. The Project was shut down and Sa.Viena was locked away never to be used again. Fast forward a hundred thousand years later, a Matoran adventured into the Laboratory and by all the cliches put into this released Sa.Viena by “Accident”. After a short glance Sa.Viena saw another potential for a new body instead of humans…


I love how unorthodox it is. If I had one suggestion however, it would be to cover the holes on the wrists. Nice job though.

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Oh so she’s like GLaDOS.

I really like the red as an accent color, and the red tubing on the torso and legs definitely give the impression of a robot. I think this is really cool.

I had the same thought.

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Very bizarre.

The legs are too skinny. Without this, I like it.

hey its SIVA

this looks really neat, the chest looks a bit weird tho

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~Consume Enhance replicate~

I do really like this MoC, the colours contrast really well. If i had any complaints its that i dont like the head to much but overall its a really nice MoC
although if im being honest here i do like some of the ideas behind it and might “borrow” some, if thats ok with you, same goes for SIVA from Destiny