Here is a place to discuss Sabaton. Now, I love Sabaton’s music, and I think the historical theme is really cool.

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Dang it, you beat me to it by 5 minutes

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They’re a pretty good band.

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Then why are you on this topic?

Then come back when you do know why. And don’t go on topics just to say something like “Never heard of them”. And if you want master so much, get it by actually contributing to the community, instead of making worthless, garbage post’s that just waste people’s time.

Okay, sorry dude.

If I wanted to check out this band, what would be a good song?

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I haven’t listened to all of their songs, but of the ones I have listened to, I would say “The Lost Battalion” or “Resist and Bite”.

You’ve come to the right place. Buckle up child:

Night Witches
Resist and Bite
Gott Mit Uns
Swedish Pagans
The Art of War
Hearts of Iron
The Art of War
Primo Victoria
The Price of a Mile
Screaming Eagles
Blood of Bannockburn
Smoking Snakes
To Hell and Back
Carolus Rex (Swedish version is better than English, IMO)
Inmate 4859
The Lost Battalion
No Bullets Fly
Twilight of the Thunder God (Yes, they did a cover of the Amon Amarth song)

Now go, go listen to music you beautiful creature, you.

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I see Sabaton as an amusing joke.

Let’s be honest every song they do is a work of art.

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A new Sabaton song was released a few days ago.

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That’s the day.

EDIT: @boehmond You might want to see this

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Did that person leak the song or something? Its really good.

Also the other video is private.

They didn’t exactly “leak” it, since it comes out in a few hours, but apparently anyone who pre-ordered the album just received it today.

EDIT: @boehmond Here’s a working version for Sparta



All great songs IMO, best ones are Rorke’s Drift and The Last Battle.
Also you forgot Last Dying Breath, which is just amazing.

Also Winged Hussars is blocked by Copyright issues.

Yeah, I noticed.

stupid Orchard Industries

White Death and Resist and Bite are my faves still.

Wait this topic exists? Oh hell yeah!

Oh man where do I start. Sabaton is my alltime favorite band.

I suppose I could list some of my favorite songs.

Ghost Division
Winged Hussars
Night Witches
Primo Victoria
Blood of Bannockburn
Twilight of the Thundergod

Just to name a few.

Oh! Who’s excited for The Great War album? I know I am. This is gonna be awesome .

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Sabaton is great! I can’t wait to see more of their stuff, they opened up amazingly with the release of Bismarck.

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I see them as a nice complement to history memes, as I don’t care for metal and find this specific style of it particularly a bit over the top