So, Saiinel. She was an idea of my friend. He drew her as a Vortix and i ust kinda took inspiration. You can read little more about her story here:


The legs look rather awkward to me, as they are very thick at the hip and barely a stud wide at the bottom.


Yeah, you should probably try beefing the legs up at the bottom somehow.

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The torso feels a bit too small for the legs, the lower legs are too thin and the feet are too small, and the nuva shoulders look awkward, also the upper arms are a length too short, basically fix the proportions.

Also the head is trash, I hate it… actually, it’s not, it just doesn’t fit the body in the slightest.


The greebles are good but the lower legs are way to thin in comparison to the upper, like her calves would snap in half if she actually existed. But the mid torso is well done, the head looks fine and the arms are pretty good.

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I actually like the super thin lower legs, It’s a cool look in my opinion. Rather, I think the upper legs look too thick. The greebling is pretty messy on the front of them as well, I think they’d look better turned around with the 2015 armor add on facing forward instead.

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Those are some skinny legs.

the claws and that red skirt/cape thing are kind of random,otherwise this is neat

My only really problem is that the hips are kind of chunky. Other than that, this is a really nice MoC!