Salvage Chub Unit HA-4439

Second unit that I will use in my gaint MFZ game, it’s a battle damaged salvage Chub, up scaled to Minifig scale. Poseability isn’t the best here, especially in the shoulder joints, but it still came out decent imo. Originally I wasn’t even going to finish this, but I figured out the shoulder joints and it all came together. The neck is even posable.

Critique welcome, and enjoy!


Its like a little blue robo knight. I love it!

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Have you ever played Mech Warriors? This this reminds of of their style of design.

No, I’ve never heard of mech warriors, this is actually just a upsized version of a Chub from MFZ

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Yeah I noticed that, it just reminds me of Mech Warriors’ style as well.

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TBH I dislike that you can’t see there’s a minifig inside unless you open the head and look from above.

Other than that I really like how it looks. Also what is this MFZ thing?

Heh, I’m actually the opposite, I like to fully enclose my minifigs most of the time.

A mini lego mecha warfare game. Instructions for the game are free to download if you want to take a look.

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The back looks a little unfinished but everything else about this MOC comes together nicely.

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Could do with some more smoother back coverage and inner leg coverage.

The tan kind of feels like it’s not supposed to be there imo, so some more might need to be added to make it a consistent part of the color scheme

It’s not. It’s supposed to be sand or dirt that has accumulated on the mech over time. But I see what you’re saying.

yeah, I agree. The back sorta needs to stay that way so I can attach jetpacks, artillery weapons, etc. though.


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