Salvage - The failed Peacekeeper prototype (Toa)

This android was made by Great Beings as a prototype for the peacekeepers later altered, and renamed to toa.
He was made out of remaining scrap lefter after creating skeleton of humanoid spaceship occupied by Mata Nui, but later Great Beings scrapped idea and disassembled the android.

After their GSR was sent from Spherus Magna to outer space, they realised they left remains of Salvage on the ship, but it was too late.

Several days have passed after crash... Salvage rebuild himself my destroying innocent matoran and their machines... his OS was corrupted by evil.


obligatory back shot becouse beloved nyran woukd want it

Also, the hook-arm has working gears!

Also... i challange anyone who will read this topic to take 1 and half of hand of bionicle pieces and make character out of it! (Basicaly how this thing came to life)

Have fun!


Amazing. A walking pile of scrap.

That was a complement.

Very unique-looking, and I like the hook-arm.

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I cant edit bigger posts becouse logic (there should be would instead of woukd)

Very good with the cobbled-together look, and the rubber band leg especially is a nice touch,


Now this looks like a prototype, I really dig it.
Might look a bit better if it focused on one bland color and had no Kanohi, but that's just my opinion.

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If you read that poor story i made up he dissasembles several matoran and their machines... soo techincaly his colours are mostly blend of parts! smile_cat
(Purple krana becouse that only clour of this one i have! Also i thought about leaving it whout any facial thing, but i thought that krana looked better :P)

My bad sorry, should probably get back into the habit of reading.

No worries! Happens to all of us

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I like the unique gear function.

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The use of the rubber band is cool. He looks very original Bionicle-ish.

Looks pretty cool I like the idea.