Salvation: Part II

Split runs towards Starchaser, splitting into Thrust, Vigor, and Lightshift, who all subsequently transformed into jet mode and took off towards the ally.

“You saw what little good my gun did to those things! None of my chargers have offensive capabilities! I can’t even take shots properly! I’m worthless!”

Skystalker perches atop the ancient fortress’ ring to observe his new foes.

“Then why are you here?” Salvo snaps. “We’re supposed to be the best of our factions, aren’t we? Every bot on this ship was selected for this mission because someone or other in high command thought we were the only ones who could get it done- and that includes you, pal.”

“Oh, are you joking? Another one?” Lightshift says.
“We need to get out of here.” Thrust replied. “Before we can’t.”
“Agreed.” Lightshift says, turning towards the Salvation. His two brothers follow suit.

Pixel looks for something or someone to attack.

The Splitter’s journey back to Salvation would go unimpeded.

Spectrum’s brother Pixel was fighting Vertebreak with Llun, Starchaser was chasing down Skystalker, and the Predaking in a daze after taking several shotgun blasts to the face.

“I’m a spy Dmit! I’m not supposed to fight! I was never supposed to fight! I don’t know who’s half-ed idea it was to send a spy on an exploration and combat mission alright! I have no dn clue!" He snapped back, "So I’m sorry if I don’t live up to your ****ed expectations you dmed autobot! I can’t do a d*n thing about it!”

His voice hitched a bit as he realized what he said to her…

Spectrum charged towards Vertebreak. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8028, topic:49995”]
The Splitter’s journey back to Salvation would go unimpeded

Once reaching the Salvation, they head towards the nearest medbay to get patched up.
On their way, they pass SideStep who had been wandering the ship.
“Yeesh. What happened to you guys?” He asked, smirking.
“Why don’t you go down there and ask the, oh, I dunno, the GIANT ROBOT DRAGONS?” Vigor snapped back.
“Whoa, hey, take it down a notch, bucko. I was just askin’.” SideStep said, raising his hands.

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Starchaser keeps up her pursuit. Though makes sure to stay aware of the cannon fire around her.

She tries moving one of her arms forward and firing her machine gun at Skystalker. Though it left her a bit unstable in the air for a short time.

Llun jumps backwards in order to escape the predacon’s claws.

Seeing a supposed ally jump onto the predacon’s head, Llun jumps up towards the face of the predacon, swinging his blades at it, aiming to blind it.

Llun’s blade cuts across Vertebreak’s eyes, blinding the predacon.

Skystalker is shot in the side and crashes onto the ground beneath the fortress.

“They’re not my expectations, Decepticon!” Salvo retorts. “They’re the expectations of every bot back on Cybertron counting on us to keep our whole species from starving to death! That’s what’s at stake here.”

“You think I don’t know that! You think it hasn’t tortured me every day I was sent on this mission, knowing that I cannot do anything about it!? You think I WANT to be useless!? You’re just like all the others!” he says, pointing a finger at her.

“‘Oh don’t worry, you just need to practice to get better!’ or, ‘I’m sure they had a reason for picking you!’ or ‘just try your best!’” he said in a mocking tone.

“You think I haven’t tried to get better? You think I haven’t been giving my all, only to be of no use? Hl, I’m not even supposed to be here! I didn’t want to be on this Dn mission! I’m here by mistake! Even then, I tried to help, to be of use, but in the end, I’m always just a failure.” He ended this rant with notably somber tone.

Starchaser shot down to the ground, slowing down as she approached the ground. She pressed her foot down on the predacon’s neck and aimed her anti-material rifle at his head.

“So. Any last words?”
She said, though that sparked a question in her thoughts.
“Wait a minute. Can you even talk?”

“Well… you saved me,” Salvo says in a more gentle tone. “I’d say you were a help there.”

Skystalker’s only reply is a throaty hiss as the dragon glares up at Starchaser.

“Sheer dumb luck. You’d probably’d been fine without me.”

“Huh. Guess not.”
The decepticon said casually. She fired her rifle right into the Predacon’s head.

Salvo shrugs.

“Well… yeah, maybe… but it was appreciated, all the same, you know?”

Skystalker’s body goes limp as the lights in his optics flicker out. A low growl escapes the predacon’s jaws as he dies.

“You won’t be so greatful when you die because of me…” muttered somberly.

Starchaser smirked.
“Yep. I still got it.”
She rested her rifle over her shoulder, and looked around for more potential targets. Preferably predacons.

…which a much smaller version of Vertebreak took advantage of, tearing at the Predacon’s face it its own claws and fire breath.

“I reckon I won’t,” Salvo agrees. “But that hasn’t happened yet, now has it?”

Starchaser’s allies were finishing off Vertebreak, which left the Predaking as the last predacon to take down. Currently, the icy behemoth was laying into helpless squadrons of New Decepticons and Salvation crew members alike, freezing them over before smashing them to pieces with his tail blade.

Vertebreak falls onto his stomach, his face thoroughly mutilated by Pixel and Llun’s attacks. A groan escapes what’s left of the drake’s jaws as he falls into stasis lock.