Salvation: Part II

Flyby and the gunners were continuing to chase the New Decepticon Fleet away, as Topside and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ drive their troops out of the gorge. The Predaking was the only threat remaining, and it was likely that our heroes would finish him off soon.

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From the side, GC lobs a couple slugs at the lord of beasts, hoping to knock him off balance.

Distracted by Starchaser, the Predaking is caught by surprise as the shells strike his legs, doing great damage to the limbs and causing the predacon to drop onto his side. Turning his gaze in the direction of the blasts, he lobs an orb of plasma at Gatecrasher from one of his arm cannons.

GC dives out of the way, firing a couple of rockets while he does so.

Llun stares at the beast and huffs. The wendigo looks at the dragon, before backing up quite a distance. The beast-like bot gets on all fours and readies himself.

Llun waits and watches the projectiles hit the dragon. He takes off running in full speed towards the predacon, once he reaches near enough, he leaps at the predacon, all six of his blades aimed at the dragon.

The rockets keep the Predaking down, giving Llun the opportunity to jump onto the giant.

In the leap, Llun strikes by attempting to stab all six on his blades into the predacon.

The smaller variant performed a little dance, hopping from foot to foot without any concern about the great beast overhead.

SideStep commed all the friendlies on the ground.
“Hey, y’all might wanna get clear of those giant dragon robots. I’m bout to unleash hell on them, an’ I’d hate for you to get caught up in.”

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Llun successfully sinks his blades into the Predaking’s side, and the beast tries to swat the mercenary off with his right hand.

A gunnery station on the bridge was available to SideStep, so that he could control a selection of Salvation’s turrets to shoot at the Predaking.

SideStep walked up to the gunnery station.
“Y’all ready?” He commed the ground forces.

“I hear ya, SideStep!” Topside shouts through the commlink. “■■■■■■■■■■■■ and I are getting our guys out of the way, but it looks like some of your friends are still in the firing zone.”

Hearing the message, Starchaser and Treadquake both race away from the monolithic beast.

“Alrighty!” SideStep grins, pointing his section of the Salvation’s turrets towards Predaking.
“Just lemme know when.”

SideStep had his options when it came to what weapons to use. Among the turrets linked to this console were a rail gun, a missile turret, and an energon beam cannon. The missile turret’s targeting system was the most precise of the three, but the beam cannon would be the most destructive. The rail gun, however, had a steady rate of fire that could be of use to SideStep if he somehow missed.

“Hmmm…” SideStep grinned.
“How about all three?” He murmured aloud.

Pixel stopped his celebration and began scurrying toward the ship, racing with surprising speed.

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The gun controls only allowed SideStep to use one weapon at a time.

“Only one, hmm.” SideStep grumbled. He selected the beam cannon.

A beam cannon on Salvation’s port side falls under SideStep’s control.