Salvation: Part II

“This is all we have,” Shockwave says to Breig. “The contents in these files, both Jhiaxus’s work and my own, may very well comprise the entirety of our race’s knowledge on cloning, bar whatever technology may have been lost in the end of the Golden Age.”

Thrift shakes his head.

“Nothing like that,” he says.

The hand was a bit on the small side, but it would do- at least until a proper replacement for Fortress’s original hand could be constructed.

“Hm,” Greasemonkey reacts. “That would explain it, yes.”

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“I see. Well with a mind like mine working with your own, I’m sure we can perfect the process to my specific desires. Albeit not without much trial and error.”

Starchaser paused.
“Well, do you have any human made models? Call me crazy, but I’m honestly a big fan of their aircraft design.”
She asked.

“But… After, much time… Decided to… Come back… Felt, lonely… Remembered… Friends… So came back… To home…”
Broadwing said. It wouldn’t be hard to guess that by “home” he meant the engine chamber.

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Epsilon walks up to Shockwave carefully, “Am I interrupting?” He asked.

Shockwave sharply turns his head to look at Epsilon.

“Yes,” he says to the scout, “though if you require something of me, I will endeavour to render assistance.”

“Well, slag, half my stuff is terran!” Thrift exclaims. “Those guys leave the best stuff just lying around the galaxy, you know. It’s great.”

Greasemonkey nods his head.

“Well, it’s good you did,” he says. “It sure is a day for good news.”

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Epsilon moves to the table and begins silently bringing out the things he got from the Colony Ship. Several items are damaged but the Cortical Psychic Patch remained intact. “I found a few things for you.” He said.

Starchaser said excitedly.
“What do you have for uh… Older models? Like, really older models?”
She asked. Though was noticeably a little sheepish when trying to specify.

OOC: I’m not sure where humanity lines up at this time. How long ago would WW 1 and 2 have been by now?

“Nest is… Missing. Not… Happy.”
Broadwing said. Sounding a little sad.

Brieg waited through yet another interruption. Shockwave sure did seem to be popular around here. But this was ground breaking science for Cybertron’s sake! You would think he’d be able to prioritize it over whatever these other bots wanted.

While Shockwave helped Epsilon, Breig was free to browse the scientist’s notes.

“Excuse me…” he says.

Shockwave examines the medical equipment Epsilon had brought back from the colony ship, the Cortical Psychic Patch among them. His gaze wanders to the canisters of CNA samples.

“Where did you find these?” he asks the scout.

“I’ve got vehicle specs going back to the twentieth century,” Thrift says proudly. “You’d be surprised; some bots love dressing themselves up as old tanks and steam engines- one guy I did business with turned himself into a blimp, for spark’s sake!”

Thrift then chuckles. “Funny guy. Hope he’s doing alright.”

Greasemonkey nods his head.

“Yes, a well-meaning Autobot got rid of it recently,” he explains.

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Brieg read over everything past cloning attempts. Looking for flaws, errors, and mistakes. Hoping to draw some kind of pattern. See if there was a reoccurring element that may be the root cause of the problem.

“What about a Fokker Dr1 triplane?”
Starchaser asked eagerly.
“Maybe with some way to modify it? Just so it can still keep up in a dog fight some new decepticons. I’ve been flying with a World War 2 era fighter for the longest time now and it works fine but it’s just not the same thing you know? I would just love to really fly with the real deal. Just thinking about it is getting me excited.”
She quickly started to ramble. This was clearly something she was very knowledgeable on, and excited about.

“Shame… Will have to… Rebuild… No arm… This time.”

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Epsilon explains how a guy in a cloak had a colony ship and let him take what he felt was needed or that Shockwave would find interesting that didn’t compromise the craft’s operation and functionality. “I made sure to get the Patch but I just had to grab a few extra pieces of medical equipment considering the no doubt increasing peril to the lives of everyone on Salvation as we keep finding more and more pieces of the Omega Lock and then there’s the trip home and using the thing all while Bludgeon and his bunch are trying to snuff our Sparks.” He finished.

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“Better than nothin’, though, right?” SideStep said. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8259, topic:49995”]
The hand was a bit on the small side, but it would do- at least until a proper replacement for Fortress’s original hand could be constructed.

Spectrum pointed at the hand.
“Y-y-yes!” She excitedly sputtered.

The notes began with a description of the machine used to develop the clones: the hyperevolution chamber. The chamber used CNA samples fed into its computer as a blueprint to build a clone body using a reserve of sentio metallico, the living metal that made up cybertronian bodies. The clone was assembled in a tank filled with energon, and Shockwave’s modifications to Jhiaxus’s original designs allowed a bot to make modifications to the clone’s CNA and its body as it was gestating.

Shockwave nods.

“Does anyone else know of the bot you acquired these materials from?” he asks.

“Slow down, slow down!” Thrift laughs, waving his hands. “You’re losing me!”

“…Yes, and that’s probably for the best in all honesty, sir,” Greasemonkey says.

“Great!” Facelift cheers.

Well everything seemed alright. So then where was the issue? He tried to find a list of failed results.

“Okay, okay. A Fokker Dr1 Triplane. Used in World War 1 by germany. Made famous by the Red Baron. Ringing any bells?”

Broadwing remained quiet as they walked to the medic.

“So basically we just have to kill them the old-fashioned way.” SideStep said, scanning the notes quickly. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8269, topic:49995”]
“Great!” Facelift cheers.

Spectrum tried to pick up the hand.

“Just the others who investigated the Colony Ship, I think.” Epsilon said.

Garand looks for a console while Zepar feeds Shadowraker.

“Through copious amounts of ammunition, yes,” Shockwave asides, before turning back to Epsilon.

“I see,” he says. “Do you know if he is still on this planet?”

There were plenty of failed results recorded in the notes. Shockwave had first begun his research when Megatron had tasked him with creating a clone army to overwhelm the Autobots. He’d selected top-performing soldiers to serve as templates, extracting samples of their CNA for the hyperevolution tanks. At first, the chambers kept producing clones with horrible deformities: missing limbs, misassembled techno-organs, and uncased sparkchambers were common occurrences.

With some further modification, however, the chambers became more reliable. Still, the clones they made weren’t fit to serve as soldiers: they were brutish, feral, and largely devoid of higher intelligence. Shockwave couldn’t pinpoint the cause of this at first, but eventually discovered that the problem lay in the chambers’s attempts to create sparks. They simply couldn’t do it- the sparks they tried to ignite in the clones were weak, and incomplete in a way that Shockwave and his cohorts were unable to explain.

The hand was to heavy for Spectrum; she’d need some help to carry it.

“Need a hand?” Facelift asks her. “Ha! Hand!

“Yeah,” Thrift says. “Don’t think I have any of those, however. Most I got from that era are biplanes.”

Greasemonkey leads Broadwing into Salvation’s primary medical bay, where Forcep oversaw the repairs of many crewmembers following the battle.

“Doctor Forcep, sir!” Greasemonkey calls to him. “Have room for another patient, by chance?”

Barely,” Forcep replies.

There was a console in the center of the Omega Conflux.

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Pixel would give a friendly, inconspicuous wave as he sped towards Little Iacon, nearing the Antillian Sunrise.

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Epsilon shrugs, “I honestly don’t know.” He said.

Garand tries to put in a request for a security detail to be stationed at the Conflux due to the critical nature of its contents.

Pixel and Blight’s trip there would be uneventful, and they’d it find the place open for business.

Shockwave nods again.

Garand’s request is swiftly approved by Motherboard.

Garnad walks to Zepar and gives him a disappointed look.

“To be honest, I don’t really know what most of this stuff is.” Epsilon said.

“We will find out one way or another,” Shockwave says.

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