Salvation: Part II

“So the fears that Megatron is going to strike back again are real, huh?” he asked with a tired smirk.

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“Hey, do you know where Thunderblast is?” she asks Outbreak from the entrance of the medbay.

“I’ve noticed a little addition to my hab-suite.” He said. “There is this spark that shows up cluttering, nonsensical, interpressed verses from The Covenant of Primus on a screen. Also the Spark looks quite alive but it was dying.” He mentioned. “Can it be healed?” He asked.

Split smiles.
“Alright, so…”
He hefts his shotgun. “Ready?”

Facelift walks over to a tank holding a large severed arm suspended in murky green fluid.

“Pal, if you think I’m crazy- and to be fair, those claims are not entirely unfounded- you do not know Megatron,” he says.

“I bet that the moment we get the Bot Upstairs on the mend, he’s gonna launch a full-scale assault on Iacon.”

“Hm… similar devices seem to have been installed throughout Salvation,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ notes.

Behind him and Topside, a pedestal rises out of the floor. Adorning it was a glass orb almost identical to the one in King-Quan’s hab-suite. The gibberish on the holo-screens was the exact same, even.

“We’re still trying to figure out what to make of 'em,” Topside chimes in. “Are these just some ominous holograms, or is there truly somebody on this ship living on borrowed time, y’know?”

“The energy signature of spark depicted in the holograms does not match any documented in the crew manifest,” Motherboard reports. The visor-screen over her face displayed a rapid progression of medical files for various Autobots, Decepticons, and Neutrals aboard Salvation.

Red, Clip, and Drone stand close together and raise their fists.

“Bring it,” Red says with a smirk.

Outbreak’s gaze narrows as he lays eyes on Wildsong’s new form. Evidently, he still despised her.

“She’s gone to the bridge,” he hisses through his mask.

“Good. Personally I can’t live without this war.”

“Well gee, thank you Mr. Sunshine.” she said before turning to the two guards. “Can you… Uhm… Show me where the bridge is?”

Split grinned and charged at the three.

Facelift pivots, his eye widening some.

“Okay, that’s not the response I was expecting,” he remarks.

Red sprints to the right, while Clip dashes to the left using jets in her back and legs. Drone lets loose a high-pitched insecticon war cry as he charges headlong at Split, swinging his upper right arm at the combiner in a wild punch directed at his head.

Outbreak gestures to the two guards.

“Take her to the bridge,” he grumbles to them, before walking away.

“It’s that… this war took so much of my life… I devoted so much time into hunting down the ones like you… I really don’t know what will happen with my life once it goes away.”

“Uhm… Lead the way then.” she told the guards.

Epsilon thinks over who he should ask to watch the procedure. Shockwave? Maybe, he isn’t one for emotion very often. Definitely the captains, it’s their ship…

Zepar went to find the three scientists to get their opinions on the dust.

“…Well, personally, I hope you don’t go after me,” Facelift says after a pause.

Shockwave, at that moment, was on his way back to his laboratory.

Zepar would be able to meet Shockwave in the science wing.

The two guards begin to lead Song to the bridge.

“Don’t take it too personally,” the male guard says to her. “Outbreak has a pretty low opinion of just about everybody on this ship.”

Zepar begins heading to the science wing.

Epsilon also begins heading there.

“If I will have to, I’ll do it, sorry. Nothing personal.”

“I literally don’t care.” she bluntly said. “If he is looking for troubles, he’ll get them.”

Shockwave could be seen entering his laboratory.

Facelift gives a conceding nod of his head

“Understandable,” he says, oddly calm.

The female guard chuckles.

“I’d like to see that…” she muses.

The guards lead Wildsong to the bridge: a two-leveled, hexagonal chamber perched above the Vigilant’s bow. Sunlight streams through triangular windows, stretching across the black metal and various stations placed throughout the chamber. On a raised section of the first level could be found Thunderblast, who reclines lazily in a chair as a crimson hologram of Bludgeon flickers and disappears.

“Shockwave?” Zepar asked as he approached the hulking cyclops.

Shockwave turns, his armor still charred and warped in many places from the battle not long ago.

“What do you need?” he asks.

“How about you?”

“I am back.”

King-Quan glanced at Motherboard and read her visor, he nods slowly in agreement. “Well, if these so-called sparks have no identification on documents for the crew manifest. They probably are some entirely new sentient beings…” He said.

“Now, I don’t know if the term applies to them. But they look alike to me and if it wasn’t then why is it dying?” He asked. “At least, let us try with one of them, perhaps enough energy, or something aboard of Salvation can keep one alive, perhaps create new life even…” He mentions.

“I know it is a far fetched idea, but whatever it is that we do. We need to do it fast, we don’t know what they are and what they could do. What we know, is that they are sparks and very much alive. While also having the tendency to say some scriptures from The Covenant of Primus which fascinates me even more as to why, why here, why now?”

Zepar brings out the vial containing the Emberstone particles, “I’d like an analysis of these to see if they have any value.”

He planned to keep it anyway to give to Song but he wanted to know if it was able to serve as more than a souvenir vial of sand.

Topside and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ look at one another, skeptical.

“Wait,” Topside suddenly says. He points a finger at the glass orb and the holo-screen above it.

“Some of that chicken scratch is scripture?”

Shockwave wordlessly reaches for the vial

“Me?” Facelift asks, pointing a talon at his chest.

“Well, I haven’t given much thought to that. Though if the war’s really going to end one way or the other after this, I suppose I should start looking to the future, shouldn’t I?”

“…Maybe I can turn this little underground operation of mine into a full-on business…” he muses to himself. " ‘Facelift and Company’s Mods for the Indiscriminate Ne’er-do-Well’… huh… has a nice ring to it…"

Thunderblast looks over, seeing the guards and Wildsong approaching.

“Oh, good,” she says. “And Brainpan’s got you looking like a proper Decepticon.”

The Decepticon commander then narrows her eyes as she looks over Song’s new form.

Hm. She even appears to have put everything back in the right place when she was finished,” she quips. “What a pleasant surprise.”


Julina walks past Redstocker, acknowledging his presence with a nod, but not stopping.