Salvation: Part II

“Do you really think that you of all people would be able to pull up a company?”

“Don’t ever put me in front of such a situation.”

“Wait! Wait! Miss! Hold on a moment!” he said approaching her, the papers still in his hands.

She turned to look at him, a slight tinge of contempt in her eyes.

“What do you want?”

Facelift shrugs, bringing his hands up to his shoulders.

“It seems to be working for me so far,” he says, gesturing to the lab around him. The equipment was old and not exactly in pristine condition, and the tanks of weapons ripped from corpses and torn body parts was very much unsettling, but the mad doctor and his cohorts were drawing in patrons- several of our heroes among them- and had yet to be caught by Salvation’s security.

“Yes, I’m sorry Outbreak wasn’t willing to cooperate,” Thunderblast sighs. “I’ll make a point of… expressing to him my displeasure in due time…”

Zepar gives it to him, “I will want the vial and its contents back when you’re done.” He said.

King-Quan looked at them confused. “Yeah…didn’t you know?” He asked. “It talks about Primus and the Allspark how it is concerned about them. While referencing the Creator’s love of life and his spark’s function as the core of Cybertron as well as the heart of the Well of All Sparks.” He said. “That’s what the spark in my room said.”

“Understood,” Shockwave replies, holding the vial up to his eye. The crimson glow of the optic shines through the glass and tints the glittering dust a shade of red.

“Residue from the Emberstone shard’s destruction?” he guesses.

“Yeah that’s what these say, too,” Broadband calls from the communications terminal. Motherboard and the captains peer over at her, surprised that the she had been apparently listening in.

“…Sorry,” Broadband awkwardly apologizes. “I just… y’know. Mystery, intrigue- I couldn’t resist.”

The view outside the bridge changes to an endless field of stars over a black void as Salvation leaves Planet Omega’s atmosphere. Flyby brings the Fleetcarrier around, and on the port side one could see the world and its vast seas, marbled with jagged fissures filled with crimson, violet, sapphire, and verdant light, far below. These lights rise up in great ethereal curtains that ripple across Salvation’s hull.

“We’ve cleared atmo, captains!” Flyby shouts from the pilot’s station at the front of the bridge. “Engineering says the transwarp drive’s charged and ready to jump.”

Topside walks over to the pilot, leaving ■■■■■■■■■■■■ to talk with King-Quan.


“It is.” Zepar answered.

Epsilon entered the science wing of the ship.

Shockwave nods and turns to enter his lab.

“I shall inform you of the results of my analysis,” he says to Zepar.

Zepar nods.

Shockwave says not another word as he sets to work analyzing the dust. Depending on what he might find, this could take a while.

Grommet, in the meantime, was driving down the hall in his vehicle-mode.

Epsilon waves hello, “Hey, Grommet!” He calls.

King-Quan smiles ever so slightly. “Never apologize for being the smartest person in the room.” He said towards her with a genuine tone.

He then turns his attention to ■■■■■■■■■■■■. “Now regarding these sparks. Are we going to do something about them, or what?” He asked. “I did mention they are slowly dying, correct?” He glanced at him.

Grommet skids to a halt and assumes his short, hunched robot mode.

“Yes?” he asks, tilting his head to one side.

With a friendly smirk, Broadband turns away and returns to her work.

“Yes, you did,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ says. “We will have Forcep and Greasemonkey investigate this matter.”

With great difficulty on his part- as if extending the offer to an Autobot was almost physically uncomfortable- he adds:

“If you want to render assistance, you are… welcome to do so.”

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At the pilot’s station, Flyby makes a show of cracking his knuckles before bringing up the controls for the transwarp drive. Beside him, Breakswitch taps her console, and a copy of the Omega Key’s holo-map materializes before her. As she selects a green planet ringed by titian cyberglyphs- the next destination of Salvation’s voyage, according to the map- and enters its translated coordinates into Salvation’s navigational computer, her brother twists a holographic dial, producing a steady electronic hum from his console. In Engineering, honeycomb-patterned conduits wrapping around the cylindrical transwarp drive flash a dazzling white, as the rings around the machine crackle and spin.

A shimmering haze surrounds Salvation, distorting the view of the tiny white stars and the techno-organic planet beside her. Behind Flyby, Topside smiles as he folds his arms over his chest, and many others on the bridge look up from their stations to look out the viewports as the fabric of reality rippled and twisted around the Fleetcarrier.

“Coordinates are set,” Breakswitch announces.

“Next stop: Omega Key number two,” she jokes.

“Every Autobot, every Decepticon- every cybertronian is counting on us,” Topside reminds those around him, his smile fading as his voice took a serious tone.

“So let’s not keep 'em all waiting much longer. It’s time to get back to it.”

“Roger that, captain!” comes Flyby’s spirited reply. The pilot and his sister each grab a lever beside their consoles, and in unison they punch the sticks forward. The haze around Salvation gives way to luminous ribbons of blues, greens, and purples that streak past the ship, and the Fleetcarrier surges forward into transwarp space, casting off the misty lights of Planet Omega’s fissures as she leaves the world behind, bound for the next piece of the Omega Lock and the next step on our heroes’ journey.


King-Quan nods. “Of course.” He politely accepts the offer. “I don’t have anything else to do. Plus I don’t know how long I’ve been in status.” He mentions.

“So, I’ll gladly help out Forcep and Greasemonkey with the investigations.” He said, nodding his head. “Would you let them know they have a third helping hand?” He asked.

For King-Quan it didn’t matter if ■■■■■■■■■■■■ was a con, he was a cybertronian to him. He didn’t see him lesser or better than he was.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ nods.

“I will,” he says.

“Alright, so long.” King-Quan nods before stepping out of the bridge, returning back on the hallway. “Now what to do…” He muttered to himself.

Split jumps, tucking his legs under him.
The punch deflects off his shin armor, and Split lands behind Drone.
He whirls around and throws a punch back at Drone.

Drone begins to turn around, but Split’s punch catches the insection before he can fully bring himself to bear. He hisses as he staggers backward a step.

On the sidelines, Clip grabs the wing on her back, pulling it off and holding in her hands as it transforms into a massive, wicked-looking greatsword:

Panels on Red’s right forearm flutter as cylindrical devices under the wrist glow blue. The Decepticon smirks as he and Clip begin to circle the perimeter of the arena.

Drone lunges at Split, reaching out with his upper arms to try and grab his opponent.

Split steps back, raising his arm to block.
However, before Drone could grab Split, the large crescent on Split’s back split apart and reformed on Split’s raised arm, forming a diamond-shaped shield.

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Drone’s claws scrape against the shield, and he grimaces as, with his second set of arms, he tries to grab onto the shield and tear it away.

Clip runs toward Split’s left flank, aided by the jets in her back as she drags her greatsword behind her. With a guttural battle cry, she swings the flat of her blade at Split’s side.

Red continues to wait for his turn to strike, keeping to the perimeter of the arena. A few bored crew members had taken seats in the stands, and were watching the match with mild interest.