Salvation: Part II

Epsilon explained how Facelift was going to be installing a new third mode into Epsilon and, because of his reputation, Epsilon wanted some folks to watch the procedure to make sure nothing gets sabotaged.

Shockwave responds promptly.

“Your request is logical,” he decides. “I will oblige your request and monitor the procedure to ensure your safety.”

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“Thank you so much.” Epsilon said, if he had a face, he would be beaming.

“I will also be taking the stowaway and war criminal Facelift of Pescus Hex into custody immediately following the operation,” Shockwave adds.

Split blocks the attack with his sword, then, turns and swings the flat end of his blade at Red.

Red responds by punching the blade with his right fist, screaming out a battle cry as he did so. The blue lights on the cylinders in his wrist flash as the flaps on his right forearm flare outward. With an echoing BOOM, a shockwave bursts from Red’s augmented limb, pushing Drone back and causing Clip to tumble head-over-heels across the arena, before she jabs her greatsword into the floor as uses it to slow her to a stop a ways away from split. The stands around the arena quiver and ring as the shockwave rolls over the entire training room.

Epsilon seemed nervous. “I know he’s been a bad apple, as they say on Earth, but shouldn’t his fate be left to the captains seeing as how far Cybertron is?” He asked.

Zepar, who had been listening in on this, nodded in agreement.

“The authority of captains Topside and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ do exceed my own aboard the Salvation, as per the terms of my position aboard ship” Shockwave concedes. “In the unlikely event they decree that Facelift is to remain free to roam the ship, I will abide by their word.”

Zepar nods, “I think having at least one commanding officer also join in this seeing as how you want him apprehended and the fact he has a nickname containing the word ‘butcher’.” He said.

The sword shatters into its pieces. Split frowned as he covered his face, the shockeave pushing him back.

He regains his posture and sends the blades towards Red, intending to make a cage.

“You are likely referring to his reputation among Decepticons as the Butcher of Tetrahex,” Shockwave says.

Red throws his arms in front of his face, believing that the blades were coming to mutilate him. This causes him to stand still long enough for the cage to form.

“Serves ye right for not givin’ us some proper warning before ye used that arm o’ yours!” Clip chastises him.

Drone, still flying in his beast mode deploys a blaster from a hooked, horn-like protrusion extending from his head, and shoots a glob of sticky brown slime at Split’s legs.


King-Quan made his way towards the medical wing, slowly making his way inside the medical room. “Forcep, you have a few minutes?” He asked.

Split scoots to the side, dodging the slime. He sprints forward and swings the butt of his shotgun at Drone.

“I suggest you make yourself comfortable,” Thunderblast quips with a bitter laugh. Then, she rises and steps forward to address the rest of the bridge crew: fifteen Decepticons manning various consoles and gunnery stations.

“You heard our glorious leader,” she says. “Get us moving, and charge the fusion cannons.”

Forcep looks up from the various holo-screens hovering around his workstation and peers through them at King-Quan.

“Perhaps a minute,” he grumbles. “What do you need?”

The slime splatters on the floor nearby, quickly hardening into a crystalline lump.

Drone darts to the left, narrowly avoiding the strike. Transforming to robot mode, he drops to the ground and swings another punch at Split.

Red punches at his cage, intending to produce another shockwave with the hopes of destroying it and freeing himself.

“I… Uhm… Don’t have a room for myself yet.”

“Allow me to fix that,” Thunderblast says, before pointing to a Decepticon manning a console toward the front of the bridge.

“You there!” she calls to him, causing the ensign to jump out of his seat and whirl around to face her, fearing the worst.

“You’ve been reassigned to new living quarters, effective immediately,” Thunderblast decrees. “You’ll now be keeping Brainpan company in the maintenance sublevels.”

The ensign’s fears are confirmed as his expression sinks, weighed with dread. There is an uncomfortable silence as the rest of the bridge crew looks among themselves in quiet sympathy for their comrade.

“That is all,” says Thunderblast, stepping back to let her subordinates get back to work.

Song didn’t really know how to react.

Zepar nods, “Need some help patching that up?” He asks, pointing at Shockwave’s injuries.

Split grunts as the punch connects with his side. He drops to a knee and fires the shotgun at the ground in front of Drone.

The cage of blades is deconstructed, and the blades reform the crescent on Split’s back.