Salvation: Part II

Thunderblast pulls up a holo-map of the Vigilant beside her throne and selects a corridor lined with hab-suites with her fingers, highlighting one particular room in red.

“Deck three, habitation suite D-16,” she drawls. “I’ll see to it that our lucky ensign’s personal effects are moved out in short order.”

Shockwave looks down at his scorched legs and battered chest.

“…Perhaps I will seek medical treatment myself after overseeing Epsilon-5’s modifications,” he says.

Drone takes a step back, and the shockwave from Red’s punch sends him sprawling.

Clip runs at Split again, dragging her sword behind her as Red deploys a blaster from his left forearm.

“Uhm… Thanks…”

“Well it involves the situation of the fellow sparks on our ship.” He said, as he walked towards Forcep. “I thought I may lay in a hand, for I do wish to save these sparks if possible.”

“Pray don’t mention it,” Thunderblast says dismissively, inspecting the polished armor on her right hand, which gleams in the sunlight streaming through the windows of the bridge.

“Actually, I think there’s only one spark that needs saving,” Forcep replies, looking at the cluttered blue holo-screen above the glass orb in his workstation.

“So… got any mission for me?”

King-Quan looked at the cluttered blue holo-screen above the glass orb in Force’s workstation. “How so?” He asked, looking at him. “What makes one more special than the others?”

Thunderblast shakes her head.

“Your mission was to retrieve the Omega Key,” she says. “But seeing as how certain conditions during the battle made that an impossibility, I’ll have to think of something else for you to do.”

“I don’t think there are any others,” Forcep explains.

"The medical data on the orb in this office, on the orbs throughout the medical wing, and the one in Redstocker’s hab-suite are the exact same. Even the glyphs and clutter around them are identical.

“We already know the sparks in these orbs are just holograms; what if they’re all depictions of the same spark?”

“So I guess that the answer is no.”

“…and perhaps if we bring them together, it will create the entire spark?” He asked.

“I suppose it is,” Thunderblast agrees.

Forcep frowns.

“I don’t think so,” he says.

“They’re just holograms; nothing special about them, as far as I’ve been able to tell so far.”

“And… What should I suppose to do all this time?”

“I see them more as living sparks.” He said.

Thunderblast shrugs.

“What do Autobots do in their free time?” she asks.

Forcep sighs.

“They certainly appear that way,” the doctor agrees, “but they’re not. They’re just projections, like these holo-screens.”

To demonstrate, Forcep waves his hand through one of the luminescent displays hovering beside his head. The holo-screen shimmers as his hand sweeps back and forth through it.

“I am not an Autobot anymore. And tbh, in the last few weeks my main activity was to try to copycat Shockwave into creating a combiner team.”

“Oh, a bot of science, are you?” Thunderblast muses.

“In that case, feel free to explore the Vigilant’s laboratory.”

“Perhaps I can come along to observe as well.” Zepar said.

He tries to think of which of the commanding officers would be available to also observe the procedure.

“I mean, yeah, bot of science, although I doubt you would allow me to do my experiments… Or would you?”

Shockwave does not protest to this.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ was a Decepticon, which meant that Facelift was, some would say, one of his own. Whether that made him better suited to oversee Epsilon’s modifications was up to Zepar. On the other hand, he was cold and often apathetic towards Salvation’s non-Decepticon crew. His counterpart, Topside, seemed more kind and approachable, even if his leadership style was more lax than the Decepticon he shared the bridge with.

“…I’ll give it some thought,” Thunderblast says.

“Oh, so can I at least try?”

“I’ll see if I can convince Captain Topside to join us.” Zepar said as he began heading for the bridge…hoping it was still in roughly the same place as before.

Just in case it wasn’t, he began to try updating his map of the ship.

OOC: I think Topside would be a good one to ask as Shockwave seems pretty adamant in wanting Facelift locked up (a fair desire but maybe not the most prudent considering the services and help he has given thus far) and Topside’s more lax approach may allow for the discussion of Decepticon justice vs Autobot mercy to take place.

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