Salvation: Part II

Zepar waits quietly off to the side for Topside to have a free moment.

If Zepar looked, he’d see that Topside was reading a list of casualties.

A long list of casualties. There seemed to be no end to the names and faces the datapad displayed as the Autobot captain scrolled further down with his thumb.

Zepar seemed saddened by this.

At this rate, we’re gonna need to hold a mass funeral and a very big memorial when we restore The Allspark. he thought.

Topside eventually shuts off the datapad, setting it face-down upon the pedestal in the center of the bridge. He closes his eyes and sighs, his expression and demeanor solemn.

The blades form a sword in Split’s hand again, as he swings at Clip while firing at Red’s feet.

Split swings her blade in front of her to block the strike, and Red jumps backward to evade the shot aimed at his feet.

Drone picks himself up and leaps at Split from behind.

Split staggers as Drone hits Split. He spins and reaches behind him, trying to swat Drone off.

Zepar, respectfully, gives Topside time to give a moment of silence.

Drone does his best to remain clinging to Split, snarling as he claws at the crescent blades. Meanwhile, Clip swings the flat of her blade at Split’s arm, aiming to knock the combiner’s shotgun out of his grip.

Topside opens his eyes again, looking around the bridge to make sure nobody had been watching him. Some had, but they respectfully return to their work.

The Autobot captain sees Zepar standing to the side and greets him with a nod of his head, before walking over.

“Zepar,” he says. “Good seeing you.”

Split blocks with his sword, while slamming his shotgun at Drone.

Clip withdraws as Split manages to knock Drone off him.

Red charges at the combiner, winding up another punch.

“You as well.” He replied.

Split growls at Red and swats the flat end of his sword at the smaller cybertronian.

Topside casts a glance out the slanted viewports at the front of the room, through which the cool-colored bands of light that comprised transwarp space streaked past.

“It’s good to be flying again,” he says, as if looking for something to take his mind off the dead.

“Though I can’t say I’m thrilled at the news our voyage is gonna be a might more complicated.”

Red is sent flying backward as Clip swings the flat of her own blade at Split’s midsection.

Beside the combiner, Drone assumes beast mode and shoots another glob of slime at him.

Split doubles over, grunting. Simultaneously, the slime flew over him, barely missing him.

Clip raises her sword to strike again as Drone shoots another blast of slime at Split, aiming for the combiner’s legs.

Zepar gives a solemn nod in agreement, “Indeed.” He said

“I was wondering if I could make a request of you.” He said.

Topside shrugs.

“I suppose you can,” he says. “What do you need?”

Split turns and blocks the slime with his sword, kicking backwards at Clip at the same time.

Clip is knocked backward as Drone spreads his wings and flies at Split, screeching as he flails his beast mode’s various claws and blades at the combiner.