Salvation: Part II

“I think I know the one you’re talking about,” Venture remarks. “Sidewinder kept tabs on her; made sure she never got too close to the city.”

Their is a hint of grief in Venture’s voice; Sidewinder was dead now, along with Lady Corona and many of the other bots that Venture had lived with for seven millennia.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Salvo opens the case.

“He is not…” a deep, ancient voice from down the hall rumbles, as if reading Scorchlock’s mind.

“They allow me to do more than that, I assure you,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ replies.

He then casts a glance toward Breakswitch, who was waiting impatiently with her hands on her hips, frowning at her captain and King-Quan.

“But this bickering will get us nowhere, I suspect,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ continues, shifting his searing gaze back to King-Quan. “Let us continue this little adventure; I’ll decide what to do with you later.”

The case contained a pistol that resembled a revolver that had a red, orange, black and white color scheme and no faction insignias. The scope had a small device on it that looked like a Mode Lock attached to the side where an Insignia would be put.

Another thing of note would be the gun’s position. It seemed to have been placed, almost thrown, into the case hastily as it was at an odd angle.

Zepar nods, “And their sacrifice will not be in vain.” He promised Venture.

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Scorchlock rose his head up. “Who…who said that?!” The Wrecker asked, glancing at Delta.

King-Quan lightly scoffed. “We may be together on this mission but that doesn’t mean I’ll have to save you when the time comes,” King-Quan said. “And you’ll remember my words very well. Because whatever you plan to do…I can guarantee, they will not work.” He mentioned. “Take this as you will, ■■■■■■■■■■■■. Should you prove to be a milestone in our way in bringing back Primus. I will proceed in dealing with it. By removing the head.” He heavily emphasized the d as he turned around and walked away.

“You could have helped, Breakswitch,” King-Quan tells her without not even looking as he goes towards the lift.

“Now, can we get this mission started, Captain ■■■■■■■■■■■■?” He asked, turning around. “I grew tired in waiting for someone slow as you, giving the thought that the Decepticons should be more efficient than us.” He chuckled to himself. “I guess not.”

Her frown deepening, Salvo pinches the Mode Lock in her claw, inadvertently crushing the tiny device with her strength.

“Thank you,” Venture says to Zepar, genuinely grateful.

Delta’s gaze, and that of Alterion and Redstocker, had been drawn to the other end of the hall, where a bot wrapped from cranial unit to heel strut in tattered, dark-grey cloth stood near-motionless. His garb made him almost blend into the darkness of the corridor, save for the sparkling blue light of his optics.

Please,” Breakswitch quietly scoffs, rolling her eyes as she steps to the side.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ scowls as he walks onto the lift.

The gun immediately starts to ■■■■■ and transform, growing in size until an Angelicon (wings were a dead giveaway of that) that looked a lot like Megatron stood in front of her. “I swear, when I find Low Key, I’m gonna-!” He begins before suddenly realizing he wasn’t at the Basilica, “Where am I?” He asked Salvo, taking a couple steps back.

Zepar gives a kind smile to Venture in return.

“Alright…” He takes his Ion Rifle and charges it up as he stepped forward and took a firing stance, aiming the rifle at the blue optics. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t send you to our maker?” He asked, ready to fire.

King-Quan glances at Side-Step. “If you would be so kind.” He motioned with his hand for him to step onto the lift. (@meepinater)

Salvo drops the gun/angelicon- mostly out of surprise, though the sudden mass-■■■■■ broke her grip somewhat, too.

“Let’s start with who you are, first,” Salvo replies. “And what you were doing mode-locked in a carry-on.”

“Uh, hey,” Gronius interjects, “does this place seem a little big to any of you guys?”

Indeed, the arena seemed rather large in scale, despite it being- presumably- located within the fortress’ center spire.

The figure raises his hand, his open palm facing Scorchlock.

“Because I am not your enemy, Sorchlock,” he says. His voice- his very presence- seemed to exude a reassuring, benevolent aura.

“Your enemies are far from this world,” he continues, “but they are fast approaching.”

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Sprocket was ready to investigate the mysterious spire near Salvation.

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“What…” Scorchlock dropped his guard, taking a calmer stance as he lowered his rifle. The Wrecker was utterly confused as he mentioned his name. “Who are you?” He asked again. “And how do you know my name?”

“My name is not important,” the figure answers. “Know that I am an ally, and I wish to help you in what little way I can.”

“You bet your aft it is important!” Scorchlock retorts. “I have to know the person that knows my name.” He said. “How do you know my name? Have we met before?” He glanced at him. “And how…how did you read my mind?”

“I doubt you would believe me,” the figure says, “even if I told you.”

“H Primus, just tell me!” Scorchlock said. “I’ve seen and heard a lot of things in my life. Trust me. I’ve been in a war.” He mentioned. “I’ve seen all there is to see. I’m sure I can handle you, mystery man.” His light blue optics glanced into his, with determination and not a single lack of feeling in backing down from knowing the truth.

“I am an ally,” the figure repeats. “I know who you are- all of you- because only you can save our people, and prepare them for what may come.”

Scorchlock scoffed lightly. “I hate mystery.” He said, rolling his eyes. “But you mean all of that…as in only me…or in plural you…like the crew on Salvation?” He asked.

“All of you,” the figure clarifies. “Every spark aboard Salvation has a part to play- for good or ill. What happens in the coming weeks- the actions you will take, and the decisions you make- will decide the fate of Primus and our people for ages to come.”

“Okay, if you really are an ally to us all,” Scorchlock mentioned. “Where was your mystery aft when we needed you?” He asked the mysterious figure. “And what’s up with all of this mystery. Don’t you trust us?”

“That remains to be seen,” the figure replies.

“Well…mystery man.” Scorchlock said. “Can you open that door?” He asked, pointing towards it.

“Garand of Protihex” He said, “Angelicon weaponsmaster.”

“As for the case,” He grumbled, “One of my associates likes playing pranks, and he is a Shifter.”

OOC: For Angelicons, shifters are 0.01 percent of the 0.01 percent; they are extraordinarily rare.

Zepar nodded, “The size of this chamber is concerning, I will agree with you on that.” He said.

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“I can,” the figure says, nodding his head. “But you may soon be needed elsewhere.”

“Well,” Salvo says, "that gets the my questions out of the way.

“To answer yours: you’re on Salvation- I assume you know her?”

Gronius nods as he continues to look around the room.

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