Salvation: Part II

“You should always install some sort of shut down mechanisms, in case a creation gets out of control. Its basic common logic.”
Breig said.

“I do, but they aren’t effective. I need something better.”
Starchaser replied.

The decepticon beast flew down and transformed into his robot mode. Despite his rather horrific appearance, his smile was quite kind and innocent.

Llun walks down one of the corridors, in his robot mode. He seems focused, as he ponders further battle tactics he could use in an open battle field. He seemed reluctant to care for his wounds, or he forgot about them, either or.

“In the event that a creation of mine overrode its control implants,” Shockwave says, “this served as my shut-down mechanism.”

The cyclops hefts the enormous cannon in place of his right forearm.

Better, eh?” Thrift says. “Well, you can’t get much ‘better’ than this…”

Thrift activates the display on another card, and it projects a hologram of a spacefighter.

“A Second Series Kolkular-7 fighter jet, rated for both atmosphere and vacuum engagements,” Thrift explains. “The Seekers used Kolkular-9s for the first few decades of the war, I believe. The 7s come with two triple-barreled laser cannons and a pair of air-to-air missile launchers.”

Greasemonkey offers to help Broadwing to the nearest medical bay.

Lurch walks past Llun in the hallway. The Decepticon payed him no mind as he continues on his way.

“Hm. Effective, if a bit barbaric. Though I doubt even a weapon such as that would be able to quickly disable this Abominus.”

She looked over the projection.

“Interesting. How’s it do for speed?”
She asked.

He follows pleasantly, saying nothing.

“The worst part of it is that the whole thing’s my fault. I had to push her away or something horrible would happen.” He said, melancholy in his voice.

Spectrum waves cheerily.
“H-h-hello!”[quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8207, topic:49995”]
“Of which you and your cohorts have killed five,” Shockwave adds.

“Primus almighty, you’ve been at work, haven’t ya?” Sidestep chuckles.
“At least you know of some way to like, disable them or somethin, right? …right?”

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“I can give advice on how to defeat Abominus, yes,” Shockwave confirms. “Should you face him later in the voyage.”

Awesomely,” Thrift says immediately, nodding his head proudly.

“Oh…” Facelift sighs in relief. “It’s just you. Hey there, little lady.”

“That being?” Halfrunner asks.

Greasemonkey leads Broadwing into a small medical facility branching off the cavernous engineering bay. There, a group of three diagnostic drones begin to assess the Decepticon’s injuries.

“Oh, phew. That’s great.” SideStep replied, relieved. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8237, topic:49995”]
“Oh…” Facelift sighs in relief. “It’s just you. Hey there, little lady.”

“N-need hands!” Spectrum chirped.

“Anything and everything. Anytime someone got to know me, They’d end up dissapearing, or having some horrible accident. I have no friends, haven’t for a while. Everyone was smart enough to realize that being friends with me leads to death.”

“Abominus’s five components will be significantly more challenging opponents, for one,” Shockwave says. “Of the fourteen clones, they were the ones who the least afflicted with defects, and will likely have been outfitted with additional weaponry and control implants.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right bot!” Facelift replies. “I have hands a-plenty now, after that battle! I got claws, pincers, magnetic palms, tentacles- come on, I’ll show ya!”

Halfrunner takes a small step backward.

“That’s some awful luck you have,” he says. “Real sorry to hear that, lad.”

SideStep’s face fell.
“…coulda lead with that.” He muttered.
“Anywho, I’m waiting on Topside’s permission to use the Psychic patch, then we’ll get it up and running.” [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8240, topic:49995”]
“Well, you’ve come to the right bot!” Facelift replies. “I have hands a-plenty now, after that battle! I got claws, pincers, magnetic palms, tentacles- come on, I’ll show ya!”

“j-just a big hand, t-thanks.” Spectrum replied, following Facelift.

“I dunno… it’s kinda odd that it hasn’t happened yet on the ship. Maybe being in space throws off the curse?” He mused, not really noticing Halfrunner’s reaction.

Shockwave nods.

“Affirmative,” he says.

“How big are we talking?” Facelift asks her.

“Hopefully,” Halfrunner chuckles.

“uhhhhh…” Spectrum rubbed her chin.
“Brieg hand?” She tried. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8243, topic:49995”]
Shockwave nods.

“Affirmative,” he says.

SideStep nods as well.

“Brigand?” Facelift says, misunderstanding her. “Yeah, I took a couple hands from some spawns of glitches who tried to hold me up a while back. Was about the only thing left of 'em worth salvaging by the time Drone was done with them.”

Facelift leads Spectrum into his workshop, walking over to a trio of tanks each containing a mixture of torn armor, wheels, engine parts, and circuit boards suspended in green fluid. One tank had a single optic floating within, while the other held the shattered remains of a sparkchamber.

“Aaaand this is them,” the mad doctor says, gesturing to the tanks.

Spectrum searched for a hand that would fit Brieg, as well as parts to repair or replace his turrets.

“Very well. At least we aren’t completely hopeless.”
Brieg said begrudgingly.
“Now. About those clones.”

Starchaser said.
“The gatling lasers should be a direct upgrade from my machine guns, and I still get to keep the speed. The helicopter will probably make a nice replacement for my current chopper mode too. Now I only have one thing left. Something dense and heavy. Foregoing any speed and maneuverability for maximum damage output.”

Physically he was fine. Or at the very least as fine as someone like him could be. His mental state however was noticeably diminished. Again, likely due to the prolonged isolation.

Spectrum wouldn’t find a hand large enough to replace Fortress’s missing extremity among these remains, nor would she find any suitable replacements for his turrets.

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Shockwave closes Abominus’s file, before opening the dossiers on the remaining nine Predacon clones.

Specimen 01: Hun-Gurr
Specimen 02: Twinstrike
Specimen 03: Windrazor
Specimen 04: Rippersnapper
Specimen 05: Blot
Specimen 06: Lazerback
Specimen 08: Ripclaw
Specimen 11: Darksteel
Specimen 12: Bombshock

“If you are still referring to the predacons, I have detailed files on them all,” Shockwave says. He had yet to notice that Epsilon-5 had entered the lab.

“…So like a gunship or something?” Thrift asks for clarification.

The diagnostic drones have trouble gauging just what was wrong with Broadwing, and they back away from the Decepticon. Greasemonkey lets out an irritated growl.

“I guess drones can’t do everything quite yet,” he says. “Come on, I’ll take you to Forcep.”

SideStep listened carefully.

Spectrum sighed.
“T-thank you an-nways.” She said sullenly to Facelift, turning to leave.

Blight struggled against the surprisingly fierce pull of the Minicon, being dragged straight out of the quarters halls and traversing the Salvation with inexplicable speed. Pixel just laughed distortedly.