Salvation: Part II

“Is it just a scaled down version, or what?” He asked, “never seen Sentinel.”


Broadwing quickly transformed into his robot mode, digging the claws on his feet into the back of Starchaser’s jet mode.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing back there?”

“Protecting you! You’re the one who decided to stay and fight, and I have no choice but to stick with you. So you can at least let me defend you while you hold the rest of these undead beasts at bay!”
Broadwing fires two hand-claw missiles, aiming for the two terrorcons at each side. Then if the remaining one isn’t destroyed by the combined explosion, he waits for it to get close enough so that he may impale it with his tail.

Brieg looked at the data, and felt a certain satisfaction in it. This all but confirmed what he had suspected. Celestial impact was the only possible explanation for this sort of damage. Anything else short of Unicron himself wouldn’t be able to wreak such unimaginable devastation. Well, maybe Primus too, if he was having a particularly bad day.

Though that raised another question. Did Primus ever get mad? Everything he had ever read had pictured Primus as a benevolent and kind god. But everyone looses their temper at some time or another. And of course the energy output from such a rage would be indescribable.

That thought alone sent all kinds of ideas racing through his head. Would it be possible to harness the very energy of the Allspark itself and turn it into a weapon? Now that would most certainly cause some serious damage. Images of schematics and prototypes danced through his head. But no, there would be time for such dreams later. He had to focus on the here and now. His mind went back to that knight Starchaser brought in. How could they find a being older than recorded history? It just didn’t make any sense.

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Epsilon-5 scrambles to get everyone into the ship before diving in.

The dropship screams back into the hangar, with two terrorcons still clinging to its fuelesage.

The terrorcons near Broadwing and Starchaser are destroyed, though more were waking on the ground below. The draining effects of the dark energon in the area start to worsen.

Breig’s equipment wouldn’t have an answer to that mystery, unfortunately.

Starchaser shakes as the dark energon takes a stronger hold.

“We need to get out of here, NOW!”
Broadwing demanded.

“We can’t! Not yet!”

“We have not the time, nor the force to fend all of them off! We have to go!”

“Primus d@mmit. Fine!”
Starchaser shouted as she started backing up towards the ship, all the while keeping on the advancing terrorcons.

“Really?” Salvo asks, swiveling her walker’s cannon around to send a puzzled glance Darkside’s way. "Well, you’re the first bot I’ve met who hasn’t. Though I guess Velocitron doesn’t see much action.

“But yeah, the sentinels are huge. Or… were- most of 'em are dead now.”

As Broadwing and Starchaser fled, five more flying terrorcons had taken flight and were darting after them. Their bodies were old and decrepit, however, and the zombies were having trouble catching up to their quarry.

“Shame. And Velcitron gets plenty of action, but mostly of the subtle kind.”

Broadwing’s claws clicked and rattled has he prepared to fire. He threw his arms forward and fired a missile at each one of them.

“How come you don’t do that more often?”
Starchaser asked.

“Because my supply is limited and it takes time to replenish. I’ve almost used everything I have.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Salvo says. “Never been.”

OOC: at this point in the timeline, Velocitron was more of a research outpost than an actual colony. Figured I’d clear that up before going any further.


The three of the terrorcons are obliterated, though two remain online, chasing after the two.

“Hold on!”
Starchaser shouted. She quickly transformed into her dragon mode and turned around. Broadwing let go just long enough for her to change shape, and grabbed on again once she was facing the ship. The two then sped off back to the Salvation.

“Mainly spying on the research station and running gambling rings in our spare time. Mainly on the races.”