Salvation: Part II

Both captains and Broadband glare at Thrust, not appreciating being called out so.

“I’m a woman, hello?!” Broadband hisses. “Kinda thought my stunning physique gave it away…”

“I believe I should be asking how I can help you,” the lady in the hologram says to Thrust with a smile. “We are doing quite well here; though as I understand it, you and your ship have suffered greatly over the course of your journey thus far.”

Grommet didn’t have what was necessary to properly treat SideStep. Shockwave, however, did.

The short scientist begins to drag SideStep out of the lab.

Many a bot is healed, at least partially, thanks to Zepar’s help.

The AI remains silent.

Forcep nods solemnly.

“With what, your hand?” Facelift asks.

Salvo had returned to her usual spot on Deck 11, and was currently dismantling, coincidentally, a nucleon charge rifle.

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Zepar tried to determine if he knew the voice of the female Thrust was speaking with.

Thrust chuckles in respondr to the bridge’s disdain, then turned his attention back to the lady.
“Oh. Um… okay. Thanks.”

SideStep continued groaning in pain.

“I was thinking that if I was eternally cross-armed it might work.”

Daria walks over,
“Hey…I’m kinda looking for a gun like that. How much would you sell it for?”

Pixel leaps out of the pod, does several flashy flips, and lands on his feet with a grin.

Spectrum smiles and claps her blocky hands together, a generic crowd cheering noise emanating from her mouth.

Facelift sighs.

“Mate,” he says, suddenly slipping into a bad English accent for no apparent reason, “maybe that’d fool Grimlock, but Lurch is smart- he’s a right foul git, but he’s a smart one, at that. You’ll be needing a better disguise if you’re gonna get in his sorry excuse for a pub.”

Salvo looks up from her work.

“As-is, or pre-assembled?” she asks dryly.

The voice may have belonged to none other than Corona herself.

“You’re very welcome, Thrust,” Corona replies with a kind smile.

Thrust jumps.
“How the heck do you know my name?!” he yelled in ancient.
Vigor growls and reaches for his weapon.
Lightshift backs away.

“You introduced yourself earlier,” Corona explains in perfect Ancient.

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Ic: Thrust slaps his forehead. “Right. Sorry. I’m not used to this.”
Then, his eyes opened wide.
“She speaks it.” Vigor says, relaxing.
“Finslly, someone else.” Lightshift grins.

The rest of the bridge crew was now sporting confused expressions; none of them knew Ancient… save perhaps Motherboard.

Corona grins back.

It’s a beautiful language,” she says, "Such a shame it fell out of use."

“Right?” Thrust agreed.
“So. Uh… back to your original offer. I dunno how much help we need, we’re still figuring things out. Something kinda weird happened to some of our… equipment.”

“You must be Corona.” Zepar said in NeoCybex for the others to understand, “It’s nice to finally have a face to associate the name with.” he continued in Ancient.

I’m sure,” Corona says cryptically. “If you head to the coordinates I’m sure Sidewinder has provided to you, you will find an ancient spaceport in which to land. We’ve been living around it these last seven millennia. There we can offer you repairs… and perhaps the answers to a few of your questions.”

She then turns her attention to Zepar.

An angelicon,” Corona says kindly. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.


“Well, please comm me when your finished with your tests.”

Pixel would also hear Juliana clapping in the background as well

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Pixel does a friendly bow, accidentally knocking off his own head. Frustrated, he kicks hit high into the air with ease.

Juliana giggles at his antics.

Spectrum grabbed her own head and threw it high in the air as well.

Daria looks at the rifle,
“Just something that is easy to hold. Doesn’t need to be too special, just needs to work.”

Actaeon looks at him,
“Fine fine. Go get 'im.”

“Pre-assembled it is,” Salvo decides, beginning to put the pieces of the rifle back together.

“It’ll cost you extra, but I could modify this thing a little for you,” she offers. “Reduced charge times, burst shots, cybervenom darts… nucleon rifles are pretty easy to customize. That’s what makes 'em popular with snipers, you see.”

Facelift face-palms.

“Ah, no!” he cries, exasperated, now in his normal voice again.

“You were supposed to say: ‘Facelift: where do I acquire such a disguise?’ To which I would respond ‘look no further, my new friend and potential customer!’ I rebuild people for a living, man! …Or I try to, anyway… but that’s besides the point!”