Sammy's idea for the backstory of G3

In the time before time, there lived a great, powerful spirit. Mata-Nui fathered the lands and seas, and created all life as we know it- Matoran, Turaga, and even the Rahi that live amongst us. However, he loved none as much as he loved his two sons: Ekimu and Makuta. He raised them well, and the three would often travel the lands, giving prosperity and love to all.

However, in his creation, Mata-Nui was weakened. He may have been the Great Spirit, but the world needed to be stabilized, or else it would fall into destruction. Mata-Nui knew that he must sacrifice himself for his creation. He promised his sons that when he passed, his legacy, the good and the bad, would carry on to him, and they would become the Great Spirits.

When that day came, Mata-Nui’s legacy did indeed split between them. However, what no one foresaw was how the split would occur. When he passed, all of the good in him passed to Ekimu first. Knowing that all of his father’s negativity would pass into him, Makuta asked Ekimu to slay him. However, Ekimu was too slow. Suddenly, all of Mata-Nui’s anger and hatred poured into Makuta, and he attacked Ekimu back.

When the battle was said and done, all that remained was a single island. Ekimu was forced into a deep slumber, and Makuta vanished. The survivors of the land named their island Mata-Nui, after the spirit who sacrificed himself to keep them all alive.

What did you guys think? I plan on using this as a basis for stories to write, so let me know.


I think I will do a Vladin’s idea for the backstory of G3 too, but with another title.