Samtastictogo's Doodle Depository

Here I post some doodles I take pictures of. Concept art, primarily. If it is concept art, I’ll leave a description of what it is and why I made it.

First entries:

These are all concept art for a Bionicle prohect I’m working on. The first is, quite plainly, Takanuva. The second is Tren Krom, as is the last one. The third one, however, id Makuta Teridax. It’s somewhat of a reimagining. The design is a lot taller and more formal, because I feel that Teridax, being the sort of puppet master that he is, should be a villain sort of like Toffee from Star vs the Forces of Evil, rather than a bulk, hulking, massive villain. Sure, he’s tough, but I think his character is more centered around his cunning than his strength.

Entry 2:
9/13/17 b


I didnt know you could draw, and you are really good at it if I do say so myself



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Update: new doodle. Mata Nui Rising, AKA Teridax Rising.

Unfortunately it’s on lined paper, but I thought it was pretty cool. I may take it in to photoshop and paint it, in which case it’ll go in my photoshop things topic.


Another update. I was in the mood for some GSR. I also drew this