Samus PrimeV2

I said in my first post I would remake this in LDD. I put it on the back burner and now I can’t update my previous post. I made huge upgrades and now it actually looks like Samus!

The only thing I wish I did was make the gun arm bigger but this looks like an entirely different MOC now so I guess mission accomplished.
[UPDATE] Here is a pic of the current version:

I made the gun arm longer and fixed the legs to look more accurate. I also added studs to the gun so it can shoot… but not really because the build makes it impossible to fire… Take that as you will.


It’s a basic CCBS build, but I appreciate the change in the colors, as one can do so with LDD. It does capture the look of Samus really well with the pose and the colors. That being said, the hips really need some coverage, which might not be possible with this kind of build; you might have to enlarge the MOC. Other than that, though, I’d say it’s pretty great!


What Jon said is pretty accurate, I feel like the arm cannon could be bigger though.

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oh, you returned
It’s more accurate but the hid is stretch thin awful.
The arm cannon feels short also.

Above the hips, it looks pretty good, maybe make the lower right arm shell a bit bigger, but that’s about it.

Hips down however… it doesn’t work. I don’t understand why you put the small bones there, but it should go. The armoring also should be redone.

Basically everything but the legs looks good.

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I don’t really know what’s going on with the hips


really don’t know what’s going on.

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I did the hips as I did because the armor shells were interfering in a way I did not know how to fix although I may redo the leg armor as you said so that would fix the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Really? Because you could totally make that fire using those parts, just use a 4L axle with a stopper to attach the shooter, then use whatever length pins/axles you want to attach the round bits together along the side holes and then attach the end to the socket piece, though I would find a way to shape the cannon better.

It’s unfortunate though, the new star Wars shells would be perfect for the legs.

I know but I LDD does not have those pieces in yet. When/if they get those pieces in I am updating him. Also the the way I designed the shooter internally to extend the arm gun locked it. Instead of a more accurate gun I tried going for a play feature that did not work out. I may fix it later.