Samux the soul survivor

So incase you don’t know she is inspired by Samus Aran from Metroid because the past few days I have be playing Metroid prime Trilogy and while playing it I thought how cool would it be if my M.O.C s universe had some one like her? So I decided to make her and she my must favorite Female M.O.C I have made.

Code Name: Samux
First name: Samantha
Last name: Arran
Age: 19
Race: Elf
Eye color: Yellow
Place of Birth: Elsleafa Bio:
Sam Arran grow up in the poor streets of the Royal Elfen of Elsleafa she was there when the power hungry Atrocitus attacked Elsleafa. She was among some of the survivors at nine, nine years later she became a soldier for the United kingdom’s and then one year later she was part of a secret weapons program called: “Demon slayers” it was rumored that the Program failed. And that none of the subjects survivored the test runs of the armor suits Armor layout:
Her Armor is equipped with Environmental protection shielding, along with Gravity boots, along with a thruster pack for more of a jump
Her head hub has a bio scanner and combat targeting sensor
She is armed with a beam blaster that can change sets when needed if elementary beams are needed or to set the beams power to paralyze her target.


From some of the poses and the ironic name, I can see the inspiration of Samus, that being said-
The waist is rather long, the lack of yellow is dull especially the hugh yellow lump on the back. The arm cannon is decent, but I think the connection looks rather odd from her body shape.


This is what she used to look like and thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it


The waist is INCREDIBLY awkward, given how large the armoring is in relation to the rest of the body. Looking pas that however, you’ve got a rather generic but well designed action figure style build going on, and I think that’s pretty neat.


The older variant have some proportion right, but I notice the usage of the Kings Mech for legs (which is disproportionate) and the Ignika sticks out.

I kinda like the old one better, but the current one fix a few problems.



But seriously, this is an awesome moc! Great work!


The eyes are a bit strange, but I really like the rest of it.

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@Brunamal Well I used two lightsaber rods on a Toa metru head because I didn’t want a translucent brain stock sticking out and I wanted to give her eyes that you can see

@Genericon Thanks

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