Sanctuary 64


In the beginning there were six:

The Air above
The Earth below
The River from the north
The Fires in the south
The Tree that grows east
The Sand on the west shore

The six make the world we live in, and together form our reality, on-stretching in 6 directions.

However, we soon learned of the two beyond our limited perspective:

The Rock, the past that is certain, and provides foundation for the present

The Light, the future, that which will grant us insight and knowledge.

The eight together form the sacred object, the Tesseract, that which merely casts a shadow on our plane of existence.

Together we made this sanctuary, to honor the knowledge of the true reality that lies beyond our what we can see.

Extra photo gallery here:
There’s a bunch of stuff you can’t really see from this one shot so I really recommend you have a look through it.

I’ll try to edit this post a bit later to upload some photos here instead of a separate gallery but I have to get on a plane soon.


Wow… this is honestly incredible.

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An amazing MOC with an extremely interesting concept behind it!

I’d love to see more things built with that concept! Excellent work!

That’s really cool.