Sandstone Avohkii + Pendant

So for the background as to how this beautiful thing came into existence, High School freshman me realized that there was a stone mason about a mile from my house, and so I asked some of the employees how much a mask and a necklace would cost, they told me, and I spent the next 2 months saving up. I went back, paid, and a month later, I got these, and they’re honestly some of my most cherished possessions. When I moved countries, I didn’t feel comfortable keeping the mask in checked luggage so I lugged it through security in my backpack and hoped it made it through. The necklace, has a couple chips, but I’ve worn it almost everyday since I got it almost 8 years ago.


I want to see this guy

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I want to just see these guys carve everything from MNOG. Imagine having a Turaga head or a Kanohi totem pole just in your room. Amazing!

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For sure! Unfortunately the shop shut down, and as Cambodia’s become more industrialized, those small shops aren’t as prevalent as they used to be.


Cool :slight_smile: