Sandstorm is not her real name, but more of a nickname. She is a rogue Toa who left her team when the rest became turaga. Sandstorm is a great mechanic and works almost as a mercinay helping out different villages when she wants to, she does help Okua’s team. Although she will only make contact with Okua himself. She made her own Gatling gun.
She is agile and has a Kakama as her mask. She got her nickname sandstorm due to this speed, when she gets angry or is quickly trying to kill a targets she runs in a circle at top speed sending a hail of bullets as she runs.


This looks pretty cool. I like the use of Nuva hands, you don’t see that too much these days.

I really like using the nuva hands.
And prefer them.

just seems appropiate:

anyway i really like her weapon

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Thanks, and I agree the music is appropriate for her. I worked on a sniper rifle
With the metru body as well, but had to scrap it for parts.

I want to abuse of my master powers and change the name to Darude - Sandstorm so badly…

dont really like the open balljoints, nor that single metru brown piece on the crotch, but other than that it’s ok


Any idea on how to fix those?
What/ who is Draude?)

I like the combination of 2015/2016 Brown and Metru Brown, it really works here.
My only critique would be the gun having red, which slightly breaks the color scheme, but it looks cool, so it has that going for it. The red also makes it stand out, so it automatically draws my attention. Which may have been your intention, now that I think about it.

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It was not, I had a ton of red pieces on hand at the time and did not want to spend a few
Hours searching for the last black or grey one. I used red so they would all macth.

Darude- sandstorm is a pretty good song.
I like the moc, though I’m bias to any kakama and toa of stone colours. I have to agree about the open ball joints and the metru brown piece, maybe change it for the black one you used on the gun. If you’ve got them, maybe slap a couple of the mata hands on the open ball joints and you’ll be golden.
Good job anyhow :+1:

Thanks I will get on that, and I used the brown to tie in the other since the shading is close.


this is probs one of my fave mocs from ya
good job pal :+1:

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Thanks I had a custom torso, but the chest armor was trash and it felt rigged up so
I rebuilder her. I am proud of the results.

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