Santarix Of Iron V2

@Omega_Tahu and @AwesomeJoel27
I have removed the skull pieces as requested
@SwagMeister and @MakutaTexxidos
I have added a lot more CCBS quality and have made the shapes flow more but I feel it makes it too simple.

Santrarix is quiet and intelligent, prefers to work alone and gained a strong disliking of Mistarack and Wandariz and believed they were foolish. Fortunately he has often seen logic and worked with them. He is technically 3rd in command but he is rarely in charge as a least 1 of them are home.

Now considering the old one was dreadful I wanted to create a better one as a place holder in till I can create a much better one as this one is too simple, but I feel it`s way better than V1

Here`s V1

And here is V2


The torso seems small, but it's getting better.


It is better, though I do agree with @Omega_Tahu about the torso size.

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his hips are too wide, and the feet are rather large

Much better

Pretty much what @Omega_Tahu said.

It's definitely an improvement over the previous version, although I will say that the feet on the legs seem to clash with the rest of the textures of the MOC.

I like this MOC, and if you don't mind me asking, how is the head attached?

That head is...wayyyy too far forward.

It's markedly better than the first version but still has many glaring issues.

Use a old bionicle hand piece and then use the normal inika with the axial and then attach it to the forward axial hole sorry i have no idea what their proper names are

like this?

yes thats it