Sara: Awoken Flower

Unfolding before you, once a wilting bud, now awoken and blooming.

My new Self-MOC!


It looks sweet as always, and really fits the name, though don’t you already have like 2 other selfmocs?

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Sorta? I don’t consider Ventum my Self-MOC anymore, and Kolk isn’t exactly a Self-MOC anymore either. Due to how I’ve sorta “evolved” as I’ve gotten older, every once in a while I change to fit me. Of all the Self-MOCs I’ve ever had, this is the closest to a Self-MOC it’s ever became.

Thank you :purple_heart:


Is this a JoJo reference? Because it feels like a JoJo reference and a lot of Bionicle fans seem to like the JoJos.


While the build as a whole is great, I can’t help but feel that the head is a bit bizarre. It doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the moc.

This is just solid, the torso is so well constructed and the flowers are a great detail.

Looks female, but the head doesn’t

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Yeah I realized after posting it and a couple people mentioning it that I should take another try at the head. I am a little tired of working on her for the moment, but I will definitely get on that as soon as possible. Thanks guys ^^


The heading awoken flower makes me think of a druid in D&D casting awaken on a flower.

As I said before, excellent MOC and good shaping. I echo the sentiments about the head, though.

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###Speaking of her head, I decided to completely rebuild it!

Changes include:

  • Narrowing of the face
  • Slight toning down of the crown
  • A crest in the center of the crown/forehead

And last, but most definitely not least, her hair has gained much more stability and can articulate more!

I decided I wanted to keep the barbs for eyes and keep the face black, for the sake of simplicity and to keep true to the original intentions of the MOC (which I will not go into here).

Thank you guys so much for the critiques, and I hope you guys enjoy MOCing and such as much as me! :slight_smile:


Oh wow that looks way better.

Less of a flower and more of a beautifully detailed insect moc. 9/10