Sari: Hardened Wanderer (V2)

On her quest to spread life and happiness, Sara has found herself being unable to trust others, and surrounded in a world full of war and hate. Unwillingly, she dons her new, highly protective armor. Armed with her shotgun, Zweiger, and 2 powerful energy swords, she finds herself on a mission to heal the world. No matter the costs. No longer is she Sara, she is now Sari.

This MOC has been with me through some of the hardest times in my life so far, and has taken me 7 months to complete. I hope my effort shows! Thank you all for your support!



Dang, this is a good MOC. I love the shaping overall, the proportions and color blocking are great, the head design … Gosh that head. Outstanding work!

I love how cohesive the moc is despite the dramatic color changes, what piece did you use for the thigh armor?

Yeah, the effort definitely shows. This is awesome, especially the head.

I remember seeing a WIP of this MOC on Discord, and I remember you tried using the Magenta color, which I think still could have worked a bit better.
Still, very good MOC! The effort was definetly worth it!

Great torso and head, the misprint mask looks fantastic.

It’s actually not a misprint, it’s a prototype I bought from someone in the community!

Also thank you <3


* Whistles *

Wow! I would never expect those colors to work together as they do! Looks awesome! What piece makes those super-cool sword blades?

is that a custom mask or a prototype?

That should clarify it.

It’s one of those transparent blades from the Prime Empire Wave of Ninjago:

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To think I just had to scroll up!
Curse my laziness!

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