Sarkana V3

I've decided to change the colour and alter one of my previous
MOCs, Sarkana.
I've added some red, altered the torso & waist.


I also have a pic of the torso if anyone wants to know how it's built.


When we said to change the chest, I don't thiknk that's what we meant


The color scheme is kinda meh.

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Generic lava/ fire tribe rahkshi....

Also why keep the lego yellow? Why not use black and make the arms symmetrical?

Honestly, it's due to a lack of black parts. XD

(it's happening again, Stormy)

Basically, whatever @Hawkflight says is probably an extension of my thoughts.

Uh... the chest looks very puffed out. Like, unnaturally and painfully so.

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I looked at this thread once, and decided not to comment on this. I will uphold this course of reasoning just to spite you.


The Huna seems out of place. Other than that the build looks pretty good

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