Savage Master: Overlord of Skull Spiders

The being once known as the Guardian of the Forge had found himself old and feeling especially self-loathing. He had failed his sworn duty. Both his masters had been killed by each others hands, and the land had been overrun by these swarming arachnids.

In addition, the Mask of Creation was gone

And with it, all hope

So it was in his depression that the golden machine found himself attacked by something. He knew not what, and he would not awake for some time. When he did, he found his armor blackened, the golden power that ran through him utterly eviscerated.

Far away now, the being who now had the Guardian's golden power and armor was laughing quite a deal. For with this power, the Elemental Masters that were so prophesied to appear would surely fall.

Once a mere warrior of the Skull, now he found himself the sole being commanding the Skull Spiders, and their Lord

Much like the Guardian, the Savage Master has two forms, one of which has the armor in this very particular orientation. Also giant black claws. The big black spikes by the neck are meant to evoke the imagery of a high collar.

I kept the Guardian's Lock Shield on the back there just because. It does nothing in either form.

Obligatory Back shot. Hex yeh.
Also, in case it was not obvious, as there are three primary colors(Red, Blue, and yellow) I gave him representations of their closest trans-counterparts. The zamor in the chestplate is the blue, the claws are the red, and the eyestalk is the green.

And yes, even with the awkward three boned limbs, he can still pose.

Compared with Kopaka and Protector Nyran.

The mask itself also changes between the two forms.

This form is more bestial, with the leg shapes, and the reasoning behind the three bones.

I dig the way this looks a lot, even the random spikes by the shoulders.

Obligatory Back shot x2

And with the other two once again.


Fingers are orange. 0/10


Matt, you skrub.


You thought I read anything up there? Nyran, you are the skrub here.


Cool but the black looks a little out of place. I do love any colour scheme involving azure though...

Those Chima parts look phenomenal! Though if you're trying to make red a primary colour, I recommend distributing it a bit more.

@StudentScissors @legomaster1378
The idea behind the claws/paws is that they would be more like giant fist weapons concealing more humanoid hands. The glowing claws representing some sort of energy or whatever.


Makes sense.

Also, why no stickers on Kopaka? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I hate stickers with a passion and only applied Onua's so that his chestplate would have some consistency with the other Toa.

Onua is actually first and only set since Exo Force first came out that I have ever put Stickers on.


Simple, but in this case, I dig it. Looks good.