Savius "Savage" Agector, Makuta Terorizer of Ice

Name: Savius Agector AKA "Savage"
Occupation: Makuta, Warrior, Convict, murderer, Undead
Element: Ice, Blood
Team: Makuta Terorizers
Weapons: Spine Laser Bow, Rock Breaker Shield, Own Body
Mask: none
Weapon: His weapons are Mostly Primitive but very effective. His Spine Laser Bow can not only shoot Ice Energy shots that can freeze an opponent Solid(or to death if not a fire attributed), but doubles as a dual sided Spiked ax. His Shield can grow and shrink with his Ice powers but it can also cut through solid earth and cause an opponent in his way to be cut in half with one stab. this mixed with his own body spikes makes any Over sized Makuta using brute force on him seem like a weakling. he sometimes uses the spikes on his body to curl into a ball and roll over anything in his path.
Element: His powers over Ice allow him to chill the air around him just enough to where it doesn't linger. while he uses this to keep himself form over heating because of his problems with heat it makes his enemies freeze with fear and he takes the chance to kill them. the power he has over blood only is usable in the full moon and lasts till it goes down. while he has this power he can control others to do what he wants them to or twist their body so out of shape that they die from broken limbs. this power is what let him get away with murder on his home world.
Bio: Savius was and is the same species as Siferius. Originally he convinced Siferius to join him and work for the New Threats Makuta. when Siferius Turned to the underground Savius Was told to bring him in. Back on his Planet Savius Agector Wasn't his real name, and because of that everyone in the New threats army called him "Savage". While on his home world he wasn't a Cop Like Siferius was. if anything he himself was the opposite. a Convict and the worst kind. A cold Blodded Murderer. when anyone asked him why, he smiled at them, killed them and anyone around him and said "Just for the fun of it." He was later Captured by Siferius and his partner and put in jail for life. he escaped and fallowed Siferius to the escape rocket from the planet before it exploded. he escaped with Siferius and two females on board. this is his side of the story and While Siferius denies it at first he eventually tells his team mates that it is the truth. the only thing left out was who did it because that is still a mystery...

Well dang...I guess I was wrong...I could go darker...


It's alright, those arms look really odd in the upper area.

This looks pretty good man. the upper arms do look a little off though.

Reminds me of the Bionicle MOCs people made back in the "good old days".


@Leoxandar just what I was thinking XD

Alright looking. The arms and legs are not good.

I sometimes question whether they were actually "good".


Depends :stuck_out_tongue:

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The arms look a bit simple and weird to me

HOLY DANG! SO MANY GOOD COMMENTS?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG! XD seriously though guys thank you for all the comments! as for the arms...I am working on changing them but...well...lack of parts you know? ^^;

The head looks weird to me. Maybe use another mask or just remove the jaw thing. Otherwise, pretty good!

one, don't have another mask that works like that one...two...the jaw thing is part of him...