Say a genre, band or song you like and other people recommend similar

Sorry for the long title

I’d like to know stuff whether by nirvana or not that sounds like Smells like teen spirit, with the tinny sound and loud fast rock style

What I’ve heard of the white stripes is similar.

Nah, they’re not loud and grungy enough. I listen to them too tho

Ah. I’d just look for grunge bands then.

Problem is I don’t like the calmer grunge I just want the loud stuff like that, but idk any except crash rickshaw

Do you even care for your ears? If you want loud, then death metal.

Literally the entire Nirvana discography, specifically Lithium and You Know You’re Right are my favorites from them. Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden are super amazing bands that hit close to that grungy sound, too.

blackhole sun?

That’s a very different kind of loud

You should listen to Pixies. Might be a little had to get into at first but you can really tell Nirvana was influenced by their sound, like specifically compare Debaser by Pixies to Smells Like Teen Spirit. It’s got the same soft verse, really loud chorus dynamic. Kurt Cobain was openly vocal about basing the song off them.


James Taylir, or some other smooth tenor, if anyone knows anybody like that.