Scarkion, the Mutated Rahi

No one quite knows what it is. All they know is not to go into the cave, and everyone who did wouldn't come out again. For years it dwelled in the cave, devouring anyone or thing that came in to it. Until one day, when a hero in gunmetal arrived. It came out of the cave! For centuries, local villagers had believed that it had been a large rahi. They were wrong. It was bipedal. It was intelligent. And, most of all, it could speak! It told the matoran that it did what it had to. It didn't want to eat. Multiple times, it couldn't sleep with what it had done. It said that they can consider it a friend. They did not. They cast it out. It agreed, because it realized the tragedies it had caused the village. It decided to travel with the gunmetal warrior.

Here it is

Front View

Back View

If you pull the one of the horns on the back of its head down, it will open its mouth to chew something or speak

What the Head Normally looks like

Those fin things can become weapons!

With the Warrior in Gunmetal

As you can see, it's kinda a Master Chief and Arbiter type of deal! :smile: Rahi? Toa? Beast? Self-MOC? Who knows?! Well... You guys might know that last one.... :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the colour scheme and his overall stance, but the build looks pretty cluttered

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Actually, it's not really cluttered!

No, it definitely is cluttered.

Okay, with it in hand, maybe a little... :laughing:

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