"Scarlet Waters"

I decided I would post a short story I wrote on Custom Bionicle Wiki.

Scarlet Waters, by BIONICLEToa (my CBW name)

"What happened to her?" asked Juami, a Ga-Matoran. The warm water of Ga-Karhi had been found to have a murdered Matoran at the bottom, according to Turaga Gitu, who used her Kanohi Kaukau in order to figure out an investigation of a missing Matoran at the bottom of a lake in Ga-Karhi. Now Viatra, Jumai, and Turaga Gitu stood over the dead body of a Ga-Matoran, wondering what could have happened.

Viatra stared at the innocent eyes of the Matoran. Vaitra thought the same thing as Jumai. What happened to the Ga-Matoran which proceeded to her death?

Gitu looked at Juami and Viatra, and then brung her head down and closed her eyes. "This Matoran was murdered," she said, "Very recently, as well. I saw blood trailing out of her back when I found her body. I guess she has stopped bleeding now."

Viatra knelt down and turned the deceased Matoran to her back. There she saw the wound of the Matoran. "It looks like a stabbing," said the Toa of Water, "She must have drowned after being stabbed, due to complications of breathing and trauma."

"Who could have done such a terrible thing?" asked Jumai, looking into Gitu's eyes. "Who has such a demented heart to kill such an innocent Matoran?"

"That is what we need to find out," said Gitu. Turning to Viatra, she looked up and gave her orders. "I need you to find out who did such a thing. Investigate and make sure nothing like this happens again."

"Yes, Gitu," replied Viatra, "I'll get started on it right away. We must not let the murderer get away with this."

Vaitra looked around the place where the Matoran had been found. She borrowed a Kaukau from a mask-maker and used the mask in order to examine the area of the Matoran's resting place. Looking around, she saw something reflect in the sand. It must be the murder device, Viatra thought. She swam lower and closer in order to get a better look. She carefully picked up the object and discovered something unusual about it: It was infected and was unusually small, like a small knife somebody would use to cut open a fish.

It must have been another Matoran, Viatra said to herself, but how would the Matoran be able to infect the knife? That was what Viatra needed to discover next.

Coming back to shore and putting her normal Komau back on, she went to get the results from Matoran Physicians about the body. Walking into the examining room in the Ga-Karhi hospital, she saw two Ga-Matoran doctors there, ready with results.

"Well?" asked Vaitra as she stood before the small Matoran doctors, "What do you think happened during the murder?"

The first doctor, a Ga-Matoran, turned the body over and showed different scratches on the body. "The victim seems to have shown signs of struggle, like she was fighting for her life. The murder was indeed not an accident."

The second doctor, a Ko-Matoran, pointed at the wound. "It must have killed her a bit sooner than usual. An infection from somewhere caused her to have difficulties breathing as she became sick, possibly making her drown."

Viatra looked at the knife she found in the deep water. Infection, Viatra said to herself, I need to find a person or creature with infection.

Viatra began her hunt for the infected murderer. Time was not on her side, for she knew any minute that the killer could have another victim to murder. Viatra knew she had to act fast in order to keep other Matoran from harm.

While walking around in the forest to search, she heard a blood-curdling cry. Running toward to where the sound came, Viatra was too late; The murderer had claimed another victim. Viatra, however, had no time to have sorrow over the dead Matoran. The murderer was not far from the scene, giving Viatra a chance to finally catch the killer.

Quickly, she summoned a high-flying Gukko Bird down to her with her Kanohi Komau, wanting to ride it to search for the murderer who was on the loose. Viatra soon spots something running under the trees. Swooping down with the Gukko, she catches the Matoran she saw.

The matoran is shaken with fear as she sees how far up from the ground she is. Viatra, looking at the matoran, sees no infction or weapon, or even blood. Landing, Viatra decides to ask the Matoran some questions.

"What where you doing, running around in the forest?" asked the Toa of Water.

The Ga-Matoran stuttered, but then gave out an answer. "I-I was running, away from a murderous Matoran," said the Ga-Matoran, "It killed my friend, and it was going after me. Please, Toa, let me go. Perhaps I can give assistance to you finding the killer."

"You mean as a type of bait?" asked Viatra, "You don't have to do this."

"It'll help catch the killer, won't it?" asked the Ga-Matoran, "If I die, but you catch the killer, at least my name will go down in history as the one who risked her life for others. That is what Toa do, right?"

"Right," said Viatra, knowing that she cannot change the Matoran's mind.

The matoran, who revealed her name to be Ballaki, walked around the forest, with Viatra guarding her from a distance. A darkened figure is seen in the distance, without Ballaki knowing it. Suddenly, the figure jumps out and leeps onto Ballaki. Ballaki starts to scream as the Matoran pulls out a knife. However, Viatra uses her Kanohi Komau to make the Matoran stop. She makes the killer walk toward her, and sees an ugly truth: The Matoran is infected. Viatra kicks off the mask on the Le-Matoran, and gives him a green Ruru in replacement of the mask.

After recovering, the Le-Matoran wonders why he was in the Ga-Karhi forest. Viatra and Ballaki sit down and start to question him.

"Why did you have an infected mask?" asked Viatra, concerned about how he got ahold of such a mask.

"I... I found it," said the Le-Matoran, "I thought it looked sorta strange, so without thinking, I... I put it on. Then, I was not myself anymore."

"Where did you find it?" asked the Toa of Water.

"In a cave, near a waterfall south from here..." said the Le-Matoran, worried about what he had done when being infected.

Viatra hurried her way toward the waterfall that the Le-Matoran was talking about. She went back on her Gukko Bird and flew off.

Viatra hit a rock to enclose the cave, so nobody could ever go inside of it again. The rocks above stumbled and the entrance was sealed shut. Viatra had gotton rid of the masks once and for all.

Before this, Viatra made her way inside the cave, to discover that a strange Matoran had the masks with him, and wore one himself. Trying to infect Viatra, Viatra used the water from the cave to encircle him and knock off his masks. Then, one by one, she crushed the infected masks with the stones above the cave. She took the Matoran out of the cave and hit a week spot in the rocks, covering the entrance with an avalanche of stones.

Viatra took the maskless Ta-Matoran home, finally ending the conflict with the infected masks. Gitu thanked Viatra for what she did, and rewarded Ballaki for her fearless efforts.

But as the whole conflict was ended, Viatra pondered upon herself. Where did the infected masks come from? And why where they on Karhi Nui?

Viatra was not sure. But she decided to end her day by relaxing in the bright sun in the waters of Ga-Karhi. Still, the whole incident worried the Toa of Water. But she tried to ignore it as she took a break and watched the Ga-Matoran work, play, and relax. Laying her head back, Viatra enjoyed the peace. And she made sure to make the fullest of it.

~The End~

If you want to see more of my stories, I have a guide on the Custom Bionicle Wiki, as well.

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Very interesting story, it will be interesting to see where it goes.
I will be sure to read your other work too, I like your writing.

Thank you! I have this whole saga I'm working on, and this is actually the start of one of the sagas I am going to introduce in one of my main stories, The Chronicles of Fa. However, I won't tell exactlly what happens. >:D