SCD Units

SCD stands for Space Combat Divison, as these mechs were made with the idea of increased maneuverability in space, hence the giant jetpack and many grille pieces. The most frustrating parts of the moc were the getting the angles right on the chest plate and 2 miny tails on the jetpack. Finding Handle Bars with friction is tougher than it seems…

Also built for my giant Mobile Frame Zero game, along with my High Walker Frames and Chubs

Criticism and Critiques welcome!



Looks a bit boxy and the lower arms are a bit flat but it looks good overall :thumbsup:


Looks cool but i think it could use more angles cause it looks a bit boxy to me. Still not bad though.

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they could use some actual hands but everything else is super gud

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Always gotta have room for the pilot. Great work as usual.

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Yeah, I think the pictures don’t show the chest armor angle very well, as their leaning forward to counteract the weight of the jetpack a lot. I’ll see about bringing out that angle.

I got lazy on the hands of the chubs, and then I decided to go with compatibility instead of looks. It does look quite bad, but I’ll eventually fix it…

Thanks everybody!

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