Sceletus, Soul Thief

A soul collector, the mysterious scythe-wielding skeleton named Sceletus roams his dimension. Controlling the element of shadow, he is thought to work for the makuta; but in fact he fights neither on the side of good or evil.




[Other side]

[Action pose]

Please tell me what you think!


IMO feels too gawky and awkward. The thighs do not work.

Witch Doctor must have lost some pounds in prison

and bought a sycthe

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The waist looks a bit weird to me. This is an okay moc

Pretty good.

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I don’t like the proportions on this. The thighs are way too big for the rest of the MOC.

The thighs are a bit thick. Though I do like the scythe and system piece integration!


Thank you for all your constructive criticism, always appreciated as it helps me improve my MOCs. The weird proportions were made to make the MOC look unnatural, like it doesn’t belong in this world.