Good luck

Who did you have to kill?

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Sorry,i can’t tell you that.

I actually enjoy school. I get to learn new things and do not really have a lot of homework that I do at home. High school is not hard for me and enjoy being in my classes

Really been enjoying my classes this year, except for physics, where I have literally the worst teacher I’ve ever had.

Also there’s this senior project that lasts the whole year, and is also a graduation requirement. It’s absolute garbage.

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That stinks. Good luck

you think that’s bad? I have to do 80 hours (at least) of community service, which is also a requirement.

i have 0 lol

I had to do thirty, of which I have done 90. I help out at a camp in the summer.

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Within a year or during your entire high school career?

We had to do 70 hours of volunteer service during our 5 years of high school. It sometimes felt a bit arduous, but I found opportunities that I was passionate about (which helped a lot).

On a more pragmatic level, recorded volunteer service really helps when you start applying for jobs.

Throughout all 4 years, but still.

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The handling of textbook bullies is broken beyond repair. My friends brother is in the seventh grade at my old public school. Good kid, kind of introverted however. Some girl has been full on fighting the poor kid. Back in September, she threw his glasses outside of the schoolyard into this little swampy area and started pulling his hoodie over his head. Now, this kid is blind as a bat, and even if he hadn’t literally had the wool pulled over his eyes, he still wouldn’t see his hand in front of his face because his glasses are gone. Now, she starts punching him when he’s given this bogus handicap in this “fight” and he starts flailing, naturally. From what I know, he wasn’t punching back, just waving his arms around, completely defenseless. She accidentally gets hit and a teacher breaks it up. For flailing his arms in blindness, he’s given a one week suspension. Apparently, her punishment is still in the works, but this happened in September, and I’m not stupid. She’s completely off the hook for definition assault, and for not even fighting back, he’s not allowed to show his face in the building for seven days, along with his parents having to pay for new glasses, of all people. Let that sink in.


At school today I was asking people if they preferred Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat and one of my friends answered Bionicle.


Does he know you’re also a BIONICLE fan? If so, then that sounds like a great in-joke between the two of you. If not, then that’s one heck of a coincidence.

I haven’t mentioned bionicle at school in almost a year so its just an amazing coincidence


He is well versed in culture it seems


I like my animation classes, computer programming, my physic classes and biology class. Those were the greater school days. Also LUNCH. Ahhhh, who remembers the best class, LUNCH!?

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Well 'm taking final exam for my college Chemistry course, so i better hope I don’t mess it up lol.


Man, I only have like 5 weeks of Senior Year left and High School is gone. I am so close to just coasting on my grades at this point as I have college all set up, but I will try for at least a few more weeks.


Fifth university got rid of the only degree program I had any interest in, so it’s back to finding a new one.

Guess not many people can say they were accepted and summarily dropped out of four colleges in a row, while the fifth screwed them over.

I hated high school, though. Four years later and I’m still bitter about it.

7 weeks left of middle school…

Is it strange I’m slightly sad about this?..