Don’t be sad.

High school isn’t as bad as middle school IMO.


Is never raking to change from middle to high school, enjoy your time in


Just finished the ACT an hour ago… wasn’t too fun.


Tomorrow’s my last exam, my grade got lucky.

We only had to take 6 tests, some other guys had to take 10

i go to a catholic all boys school, I have to wear a uniform too. 90% of my school is filled with perfs and jocks.
I got one more year left.
I finish this school when I’m 16


Due to weird curriculum changes I am forced to go another school year to get enough credits for graduation.

I’m not happy with it but I’ll deal with it.

At the very least I can drop most of my periods and only go for the middle 3 so i functionally have a much shorter school day.

So uh

Apparently I stuffed some kid I don’t even really know in a locker and closed it on him and I’m going to get in trouble for it?

His mom approached my mom and sort of freaked out about it.

I really don’t know but this came out of nowhere.

(and if you can’t tell by my questioning of the situation, I never did that, at all, seriously, I’m confused, I don’t even know the kid)

So uh… could it be a case of mistaken identity?[quote=“thundermaster612, post:1126, topic:11768”]
Apparently I stuffed some kid I don’t even really know in a locker and closed it on him and I’m going to get in trouble for it?

Wait, the lockers at your school are big enough to stick people into?

Come to think of it, no they aren’t big enough to fit someone, and the kids mom was pretty certain it was me, but it still could be mistaken identity.

I´m Spanish, and I somehow excel at English because I was at two bilingual schools before the one I am in now.
I suck at Maths.
I´m also great at Drawing.
I also suck at PE.

My school is also inspired on some weird revolutionary independent-from-the-goverment school from the 1930s or something that was very patriotical so they pass on their obsession with exceedingly heavy geography.

I’m home schooled and the severs for my school are down so I’m just doing nothing.

One more month until Summer! I hope I’ll make it…

most of my stuff is done so now it’s mostly some last projects and studying(ew) for exams(ew)

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1 week

1 week and i’m done forever

unless i go to graduate school


18 school days until I unfortunately need to retake senior year due to forces beyond me.

Everyone here is almost done with school.

Then there’s me.


That sucks man


How many days do you have left?

Just over 3 weeks left until I tell myself I’ll do something productive but just end up sleeping all day every day. Woop.
(Also no more essays for a while.)

Only 16 days left until school is out.


Now my life has no purpose.