Proofs? Like this is this so this means this? That was easy

Wait until you have to make logical leaps that they never explain fully afterwards! Hopefully yous will explain. Mine didn’t. I’ll never understand how they expect you to grade a test, when they only give you about 1/3 of the answers.

I think I covered all of the logic stuff already

That’s good then.

How is everyone’s online school?

Going good for me. Not much adjusting to do, then again, I was homeschooled since second-grade, so not that big a ■■■■■.

Laughs in homeschool

Mockingly? Or where you homeschooled too?

I am homeschooled

Ah, nice, how long?


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Also laughs in homeschool

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laughs louder in homeschool

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a raucous chorus in homeschool

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Cries silently in public school

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all homeschoolers turn and stare at you

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