Sci-Fi vs Fantasy contest

Hi everyone I’m hosting a community contest on my Instagram for anyone interested. My Instagram for those who don’t know is Lodestar583. Thank you TTV for letting me promote my contest. More details on my second most recent post on Instagram, looking forward to everyone’s entries!


Lodestar has been given clearance by TTV to promote this contest.


Seems interesting
Do you mind giving more information?


Sci-fi versus Fantasy.

Is this the A Certain Magical Index plot now?

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Sorry for the late reply, been working double like crazy
Official contest rules are as follows.

  1. Only one moc may be entered (does not mean one moc for fantasy and one moc for sci fi just one for which ever side you choose)
  2. Must be completely new, noting old unless: If it is a revamp there must be proof of changes by sending a photo of the old version next to the new version. Entering old mocs without sending a picture of the previous version will be disqualified.
  3. If entering on Instagram or Flickr the post must contain the hashtag #lodestarsvfcontest and you must tag either myself, jaybenicle, or lego metal in the post.
    Submission dates are as follows
    Sci-fi: Now through November 7th
    Fantasy: Now through November 10th
    End dates are subject to change if there are not enough entries.
    Bonus Points for Halloween/ Fall themed mocs
    What is allowed: Painted parts, heresy/ modded parts, shape-ways custom mask’s and body parts.
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May we use ttv and post it here?

Yes, I would also email it to me just to be extra sure it gets to me at Just as a backup in case i don’t see it on here among all the comments.

@Lodestar A better alternative imo is tagging you but I’ll consider joining.

Did you get permission to use the two MOCs in the photo there?

I can ask the person that made it for me cause I didn’t make it, I don’t really think it’ll present an issue cause he told me he found them on google. I in no way shape or form are claiming them as my own. Hopefully this doesn’t anger anyone since it is not my intent.

Can it be system?

System can be used yes, would prefer if more bionicle or technic were used than system though.