Scorpio MOS Series 1 (still working on it)

Series 1 Hero

Stage 1

Scorpio belongs to the insect group that are ancestors of the beasts that threatened Hero factory (to be more specific, the beasts of HF 2014). The species evolved to not cause as much damage as their ancestors.

Stage 2

His wings not only allow him to fly but they are made of a tough exoskeleton material that protects his back from backstabbers (the pun had to be said)

His tail isn’t only a tail… it’s a spear!

Don’t worry he won’t “terrorize” the triceratops

Status/ Progress: I’m still working on making him have a complex build instead of the basic torso piece since I’m still learning how to use more complex building techniques(I could use some suggestions).

Please notice that my builds are not good due to simplicity
(don’t criticize that much about it, most appreciated) :slight_smile:
This is seen in a lot of my mocs until further notice

*MOS stands for my own story(yes, I made it up)

Onavark will soon be showcased

Triceratops already has its own post(check it out if you are interested)


Another good moc. Not too much to say about this one though. Looks pretty nice.

That looks like an ankylosaurus. I really hope it is one.

More violent flashbacks to Beast Wars.

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He is a insect reptilian creature
Scorpio is certainly not related to skull… forgot the next part of the name

I meant the thing it was fighting.

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Onavark is humanoid it’s the picture angle but suppose I could attempt to make one soon…

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Pat pat

This is seriously adorable.